Daft prophesies and Daphne’s Flight – almost!

Blogpost Sept 23rd Yesterday (Wednesday Sept 23rd) should have been the end of the world apparently! Who knew? Perhaps the statement should end in a chorus way: The end of the world as we know it? One person’s apocalypse is another person’s resurrection I suppose. For you and I it was just another fitful Autumnal... Continue Reading →

Songwriting, speed and Film Festival fun!

Blogpost September 14th The wind is howling outside but thankfully the rain’s no longer slamming into the windows. It is Autumn after all! With the change of season come new ideas and plans, still forming, as yet to be cemented. Life is good. Bob and I are starting the process of organising ourselves through the... Continue Reading →

Praise for Peter pup.

Blogpost August 25th Reconnecting with family and friends wherever I am on the planet is always a joy but especially here on the tiny isle. Not only do I meet up with dear friends to share our various experiences over the last three months but I also get to reconnect with the land. The Isle... Continue Reading →

Creativity, chums and Catalina

Blogpost August 7th It’s been a full and fruity few days dear reader. Before our glorious weekend at Catalina (more of which later) I had a great week writing with some fabulous musicians who also happen to be great friends. Before that began I worked on two different tracks long distance using my trusty Logic... Continue Reading →

On top and in touch!

Blogpost - July 25th From the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere, from 11 hours ahead of  the UK to 8 hours behind and with a twice lived Sunday to boot, I am - as you might imagine - a little discombobulated! No complaints whatsoever … just stating the facts. Our long haul flight from... Continue Reading →

From Mount Maunganui with love

Blogpost July 14th Well it’s been a little while n’est pas? So much to report and so little to tell. Our last week in Sydney was filled with giggles and hugs and we savoured every little last drop. We never know when the next chance to be on the other side of the world will... Continue Reading →

Solstice and Sydney celebrations

Blogpost June 25th Happy Summer/Winter Solstice everyone! So we’ve moved from the shortest/longest day in 2015 and move ever on to their polar opposites as our beautiful planet continues to spin through space. I feel caught between those two different states of being; I’m in the southern hemisphere right now but feel my deep rooted... Continue Reading →

Mount Tamborine, timber and timbre.

Blogpost June 13th Hello dear reader, I hope this week’s Blogpost finds you in fine fettle. I’m feeling much better than last week - thanks for asking - although I’m still not 100% … I’m definitely moving in the right direction. Bob and I are now in Brisbane, enjoying the warmth of a tropical winter... Continue Reading →

Jet-lag-lungs and Michael Bolton

Blogpost May 29th - Perth Well well dear reader, this Blogpost is much later than I anticipated. After a great week of farewelling with family and friends on the tiny isle way back at the beginning of this month, Bob and I travelled half way across the planet to be with my brother Paul in... Continue Reading →

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