Summer Strawberry Solstice Moon

Blogpost June 21st So dear reader we find ourselves mid-way through another year. Extraordinary how time seems to speed up the more summers we experience. Happy solstice! Officially that was June 20th  at 23.34 BST and twelve hours before, the moon was as full as full can be. In some cultures it’s called a Strawberry... Continue Reading →

Blazing a Celtic Trail

Blogpost May 24th 2016 Greetings from a fitfully warm Los Angeles. We’ve been here two weeks already and only now do I feel this side of the planet is the right way up! There’s so much to catch you up on … let’s get going. My Australian Celtic Festival experience in Glen Innes was wonderful. Not only did I get... Continue Reading →

Passport to success?

Blogpost April 9th After a fabulous three weeks “mooching” around Mount Maunganui and a few fabulous days being grandparents in Sydney we’re now happily ensconced on the Gold Coast not far from Brisbane. I’ve had two great rehearsal days with the Maestro himself: Michael Fix and we’re feeling fairly confident for our first show tomorrow -... Continue Reading →

Blogpost - Better late than never? Greetings from the bottom of the world! We’ve been staying with Bob’s gorgeous sister Chris, in her delightful home in Mount Maunganui New Zealand, for the past 10 days. We’re so glad to be here with her, only 4 months after her lovely husband Ken, died in November. How... Continue Reading →

Hair Today and Hair Tomorrow

Blogpost February 1st Dear reader I trust my little Blogpost finds you well. It’s been an interesting few weeks, not least because so many wonderful, creative humans have checked out and left the planet! There’s a lot more creative space to fill with such cultural icons as (to name just a few): David Bowie; Lemmie;... Continue Reading →

The excitement of Egypt!

Blogpost January 2016 Happy New Year dear reader! I trust you had a wonderful time with family and friends and are looking forward with some excitement to what 2016 might bring. I know I am! This may be a different sort of post to normal because of the nature of my recent trip to Egypt... Continue Reading →


Blogpost Dec 1st Hello there. To say a lot has happened out there in the world in the last few weeks is a somewhat redundant statement, yet, as bland and impotent as it may be, I felt the need to make it. I can only write about my own life and the small shifts and... Continue Reading →

Across the pond and beyond

Blogpost Oct 17th Greetings from sunny California! Bob and I arrived a week last Sunday and have been slowly gathering our discombobulated selves together and gently easing into a different time-zone and geographic place. I will attempt to condense a full month’s worth of news into one small bite-sized Blogpost. When last I wrote we... Continue Reading →

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