Emus, koalas and Port Fairy Folk Festival

Blogpost March II Apollo Bay and Port Fairy Folk Festival As promised dear reader I’m filling in the musical gaps in my Australian adventures from March and I feel it’s time for another nourishing tidbit. Bob and I had the luxury of a few days to ourselves after Melbourne and before the excitement of Port... Continue Reading →

A small piece of Victorian splendour! Part 1

Blogpost March 2017 Hello! I’ve decided to split the somewhat late March Blogpost into three easily digestible segments as there’s so much goodness to share. So … over the next few weeks I’ll be posting bite-sized tasty morsels for your reading/listening/watching enjoyment in the hope you won’t miss out on any of the musical or touristic... Continue Reading →

Where did January go?

Blogpost for January 2017 January come she will … and then, as if by magic, it was February. What happened? Well … come a little closer and I’ll tell you. Bob and I flew into Sydney December 27th and celebrated my birthday the following day with Jo and her gorgeous girls. The best birthday gifts... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2016 … hello 2017!

December Blogpost - a look back at 2016. It seems like a good time to review the last twelve months and look ahead to the next as we continue our spiralling journey round the sun. In the famous words of Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers: I’m gonna accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative... Continue Reading →

Heading westward

Blogpost October 2016 Next week Bob and I will be flying away from the tiny Isle once more and heading ever westward. First stop London Gatwick, then a cab ride to a hotel at Heathrow. After what we always hope will be a decent night’s sleep … we’ll enjoy a day in the air (watching... Continue Reading →

Daphne … or is it Daftny?

Blogpost September 2016 Hello sweet reader I trust you’re fine and dandy. This Blogpost I will mostly be writing about Daphne’s Flight and sharing the ridiculously enjoyable process of recording our second album together in 20 years! Hurrah. Even before we gathered at Chris and Julie’s lovely home in  South Yorkshire at the end of... Continue Reading →

Daphne’s, Dylan and daft old stories.

Blogpost August 2016 As I type these words the wind is howling round Mum and Dad’s recently painted dorma-bungalow. The sky is luminous pearly grey and rain has splattered the windows. It must be August! C’est la vie for a tiny Isle in the middle of the Irish Sea. I am not complaining just stating the... Continue Reading →

Music, magic and mystery!

Blogpost July 21st Hello again … is it really July 22nd? Blinking ink! It’s been a busy few weeks since last we met. Despite the generally gloomy weather this month, I’ve taken numerous delightful walks in beautiful, lush-green glens, or beside fast running streams. Sometimes with fabulous friends and more recently as a solitary pleasure. I... Continue Reading →

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