A small piece of Victorian splendour! Part 1

Blogpost March 2017

Hello! I’ve decided to split the somewhat late March Blogpost into three easily digestible segments as there’s so much goodness to share. So … over the next few weeks I’ll be posting bite-sized tasty morsels for your reading/listening/watching enjoyment in the hope you won’t miss out on any of the musical or touristic fun on offer. Here goes!

I’m happy to report that Bob and I are now firmly ensconced on the topside of the planet once more, enjoying blustery grey skies and horizontal rain. Also glad to report that signs of spring are everywhere! Daffodils abound, trees just starting to bud, there are even primroses in the hedgerows – hurrah. Hard to believe that only a week ago Bob and I were still enjoying the turbulent but still warm Autumnal weather in Sydney and laughing and giggling with our gorgeous grand daughters. And so life continues both sides of the planet with plenty to be grateful for, with even more amazing things coming up on the musical horizon.

Before we look forward though here’s a quick recap of the most recent and delightful musical upside down adventures of Collister&Fix. When last I reported dear reader Michael Fix and myself had experienced several wonderful shows ending up in Nanango Queensland. From there we headed south towards the State of Victoria. Bob and I decided to drive along the Hume highway taking us inland through the Australian Alpine region where we enjoyed a few days being happy tourists.

With the help of friends in the know we were directed to spend sometime in the awesome surroundings of Mount Buffalo. I took a few photos … as you can imagine! And we were totally blown away by the vast, majestic beauty of the whole area. A truly magnificent experience. I’ll post a few photos here for decoration but if you’d like to see more I’ve uploaded some to Flickr HERE!

We stayed one night in Beechworth where Ned Kelly is said to have spent his final days. Bob got well and truly immersed in his story and was amazed by the breadth of experience and influence one young man (he was 26 when he died!) could have in one lifetime. For instance when he was 12 he was awarded a medal of bravery for saving the life of another young boy. He started off with good intentions!

IMG_2197       IMG_2393IMG_2412

From our Alpine wanderings we headed to the fine city of Melbourne. This was Bob’s first visit and he fell in love with the place instantly. Michael and I had our first Victorian gig at the Melbourne Yacht Club on Friday March 3rd and were welcomed with open arms and ears by a very warm crowd … the AC however was bloody freezing! We managed to have it turned down to Arctic status before the end of the gig which … you’ll be pleased to hear was fantabulous!

IMG_2478      IMG_2493        IMG_2655

With a day off before our second Melbourne show Bob and I took the opportunity to meet my sister’s sisters-in-law. Are you still with me? Nora and Susan are my sister Diane’s husband’s sisters … ah now you get it! Anyway they both live in Melbourne and so we met for brunch in a very funky part of town called the Laneways. Dark, narrow streets stuffed with cafes where tables and chairs spill out onto the lanes themselves. It’s a great vibe and the food was fab.

From there we made our way via Melbourne’s inexpensive tramways to Port Melbourne, another funky part of the city, close to the sea where a good friend of Michael’s had an afternoon wine bar gig. Nick Charles is a wonderful guitarist with a delightfully easy picking style and a wonderful deep resonant voice. We spoiled it all but getting up and doing a few songs partway through his set but he didn’t seem to mind. Not sure about the audience 😉 x

Sunday afternoon brought us round to a wonderful house concert in the Glen Iris suburbs. Our hosts Pamela and Alan Harris had generously provided us with a place to stay from Friday through to Monday morning and so by the time of our performance we were firm friends and  fit in like part of the lovely furniture. Their home is the perfect space for a concert and the audience looked so comfortable and obviously had a great time They certainly didn’t hold back in showing their appreciation that’s for sure.

There were several people in the crowd I’d not seen in a long time and it was great to reconnect. There were two sisters Gaynor (with gorgeous hubby !) and Lou, who all now live in Adelaide but who hail from the Isle of Man! And a long lost friend I’d not seen for eight years. Terry is originally from Dorset in the UK but has lived and worked  in Australia for more than forty years and is now enjoying retirement tramping the outback and using her binoculars to spot rare and raucous birds (I may count as one of those?!). She hasn’t slowed down in any way. It was a joy to see her and spend a little more time along the way to Port Fairy and beyond.

IMG_2707              IMG_3480           IMG_2710

All in all a delightful time for sure and there’s loads more to convey but as I mentioned above … I’m going to feed you small but tasty morsels over the next month in the hope I don’t overfeed you!

So for now I’ll just remind you that coming up in the not-too-distant future are all things Daphne’s Flight! I leave the Island next weekend to begin the rehearsal process … five days in April at Daphne’s Headquarters in Penistone and then everyone comes to the Island May 1st to continue that exciting and ridiculously fun-filled process … first show here in Peel at the Centenary Centre May 6th! OMG! As a reminder of our daftness I’ll post one of our out-takes videos for fun.


And this week’s video/song selection is a reminder of our Victorian Alpine adventures accompanied by Collister&Fix “Late In The Evening” from Shadows and Light. Hurrah.

Thanks as always for stopping by … I truly appreciate it! See you soon 🙂 xxx

Endless blessings!

Christine xxx

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