Goodbye 2016 … hello 2017!

December Blogpost – a look back at 2016.

It seems like a good time to review the last twelve months and look ahead to the next as we continue our spiralling journey round the sun. In the famous words of Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers: I’m gonna accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative …

What a year! Bob and I circumnavigated the planet. Twice! We arrived in Perth Australia the beginning of February, where we safely deposited mum and dad with my brother Paul. They stayed for a happy, hot and unprecedented three months. After a couple of fun filled two weeks with Paul et al, Bob and I flew to the east coast to spend some quality time with Bob’s fabulous daughter Jo and our gorgeous grand daughters, Bella and Chiara, in Sydney.

New Zealand was next: Mount Mauganui in the Bay of Plenty with Bob’s sister Chris…  and then at the end of March we bounced back to Australia where I had the delightful privilege of playing a handful of fabulous shows with Michael Fix. At the end of April Michael and I topped off our little tourette with several performances at the Glen Innes Celtic Festival, where I had been invited to represent the Isle of Man – featured and honoured Celtic nation for 2016.

As if that wasn’t enough travelling, we flew back to the UK via Los Angeles, where we spent a delightful if somewhat quiet three weeks. Bob had picked up an unknown virus during our long trip in the Antipodes, so when we arrived in LA we decided to take it easy. Rest up; recharge and recuperate. Staying with a friend who has a hot tub, infra red sauna and steam shower meant that was a very simple thing to achieve. To say we are blessed is a ridiculous understatement.

We eventually made it back to the Isle of Man June 8th and spent the next five months ostensibly back on the tiny Isle – aka: home.

One of the many fun experiences I loved this summer was the opportunity to talk to a delightful woman called Jane Ellen (she lives near Madison Wisconsin), whom I “met” on an online social network platform called the Oasis. She realised a delightful dream when she launched a podcast in August called: Glistening Particles. Our conversation was recorded for that purpose. In fact it was the first conversation/episode posted! You can listen to our lovely giggling exchange HERE. There are many more wonderful life stories and sparkling conversations to be enjoyed. I’ve been asked for a follow up chat … soon. Yay!

One of the highlights of the year for me on a personal level, was learning a wonderful energy healing technique – Siddah Kundalini Crystal Healing – which has become a surprising and enriching addition to my growing interest in all things spiritually energetic. I’ve been giving family and friends across the globe free sessions with delightful and very positive responses. Whatever happens for the recipient I always come away from it feeling grateful, blissed out and uplifted. What’s not to like? I even created a crystal mandala for Daphne’s recording sessions 🙂 xx those beautiful harmonic vibrations are now embodied in my crystals and the high vibes from my crystals are fully incorporated into those fabulous recordings. You’ll have to wait till March to hear for yourselves but trust me … it’s a win-win!

As this year comes to a close I’m surprised and totally delighted to realise I somehow managed to complete not just one … but two albums! In September Daphne’s Flight got together for the first time in 20 years to record a wonderful collection of songs, due for release next March on Fledgling Records. And available now: Shadows & Light, is a selection of songs Michael Fix and I will be performing on our Australian tour starting in a few weeks time! We’ll have physical CDs for sale at shows from Illawarra Festival onward but we’re excited to be able to share our musical endeavours across the planet, in download form only. Who knew?

cf-wallet-art Also available now on Michael Fix’s website! HERE!

Shadows and Light started its manifestation when I was still in the Isle of Man and Michael was on tour in Germany – back in October. It came to fruition with me recording vocals in my sister-in-law’s garage (oh the wonders of Logic and a good mic!) in Mount Maunganui New Zealand. And it all came together with Michael’s magical mixing at his studio in Brisbane, in between a gazillion other creative projects that he’s involved with. To say we collaborated over thousands of miles while juggling all manner of life’s challenges is amazing. It sounds great!

Looking ahead to 2017 is very exciting. There are many wonderful events and collaborations on the horizon with Michael Fix and the tour in Australia starting the year off with a bang – and interspersed with lots of grandma Crispy time – followed by the amazing prospect of performing once more with Daphne’s Flight … I know I’ve mentioned it a lot but you know … it’s going to be superb! I hope to see some of you in Australia and Europe in the coming months. If you do make it to a gig or three please do come and say hello.

I’ll leave you with a smorgasbord of images from my globe trotting adventures over the past 12 months along with one of the songs featured on Shadows and Light: Galileo – written by Declan O’Rourke and performed here by myself and Michael Fix.

Thank you as always for dropping by … I truly appreciate your, time, attention and delightful support!

Sending you all endless waves of love, light, peace and joy! 2017 is set to be a FAB-U-LOUS year!

Christine xx 🙂 xx

PS: In an attempt to thwart phishing&spammers it’s not possible to leave a Comment on this site but if you’d like to comment on anything here feel free to write something on FaceBook HERE! Thank you.


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