Angels, Zip-lining, Meditation music and time travel!

Blogpost November 2016

Bob and I landed in Auckland New Zealand last Sunday (November 27th) having already enjoyed three weeks in California. Only two days after landing – still feeling discombobulated – I took part in an extraordinary workshop led by my fabulous friends Tina Marie Bertolli and her lovely husband Billy Rottkamp. The workshop was entitled: Archangel Masterclass! We all met on the amazing Egyptian extravaganza that is Stewart Pearce’s Resurrection Retreat last year and to be honest I was just excited to see them again. I didn’t really know what I was going to experience. But it was a truly magical day and I only wish I could have done the second half of the course. What I learned with them fits beautifully with the healing modality I was immersed in this summer (Kundalini Siddah Crystal Healing). I’m loving this part of my existence! Magic exists people! If you get chance to work with Tina and Billy grab it with both hands!

Most of our time was spent in the city of Angels but we also had a glorious five days with our dear friend Marianne in Oregon where Autumn looks its majestic best. We stayed at her beautiful property in the Applegate valley and soaked up the breath-taking landscape. It is a photographer’s dream. While there the US election took place. A concerned citizen of the Planet Earth’s nightmare!

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The day after the election, in a bid to fill ourselves with buoyancy, we went Zip-lining to whoop and holler the post-election-blues away. It worked. Just a little. If you’ve ever thought about Zip-lining (which I have to confess I hadn’t) I can thoroughly recommend it. Look Ma no hands!

We left Oregon’s loveliness November 10th (my little brother Paul’s birthday) for the sizzling sunshine of Los Angeles and the excitement of a Wild Honey Back-Yard concert on Sunday November 13th. Rob Laufer (Wild Honey’s brilliant Musical Director) was the headlining artist. I was delighted to accept the invitation to join him for some of his set. Always an honour. We performed two of the songs we wrote together last year, giving them their first outings in the world; plus … Rob suggested doing Just The Motion. I’ll grab any excuse to sing an RT classic. Rob’s fabulous band consisted of Jim Lespesa on drums, Derrick Andersen on bass with Heather Lockie and Lynn Bertles on strings. I also brushed up on some BVs for the rest of Rob’s songs et voila a wonderful show was created. Before Rob’s stellar set there were two other Wild Honey favourite artists sharing the same, amazingly versatile not-to-mention brilliant band! Nic Guzman, Brett Harris and Bebopalula!

Unfortunately when it came round to the show my loverly Bob had fallen foul of a chest-infection-turned-head-cold and very sensibly kept to his sick-bed. Bless! Then … mid-week I fell to the same and was recumbent the rest of our stay. Here are a couple of musical moments from that wonderful show to make up for the sneezing and coughing that followed it:

We left Los Angeles on Friday night November 25th and flew 13 plus hours to Auckland New Zealand and landed as mentioned above, Sunday November 27th at 9.30am … I know! It doesn’t make any sense to me either but I’m sure we’ll get that day back … at some point … maybe?

Two wonderful things to share with you before we end this little missive and they are: My great friend and creative mentor Eric Maisel has launched a brand new website that succinctly houses the various strands of his immensely creative life. He’s an incredibly inspirational man and walks his talk like no other. Take a look:

And the last but delightful piece of inspiration to share is that Angela Hyrniuk’s wonderful Meditation CD Ascended Mastery  is now available to buy via her website (scroll to the bottom of the page to find the CD). It was my immense privilege to create musical landscapes for three of her Buddhist inspired meditations and I’m totally honoured that she included a twenty minute edited  version of my recording of the Kundalini yoga Meditation Chant: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. Check it out HERE! I practiced this meditation for 31 minutes a day for 1111 consecutive days. If you’re interested in giving it a go for a mere 40 days PM me on FaceBook and I’ll send you the pdf.

OK I think that’s plenty of belated news for November. This month – December (OMG!) – our Blogpost will mostly be coming from Mount Maunganui New Zealand. Hurrah.

Thank you as always for dropping by. I truly appreciate your attention 😉 xxx

Till next we meet dear reader … play nice!

Endless blessings!

Christine xx

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