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Blogpost October 2016

Next week Bob and I will be flying away from the tiny Isle once more and heading ever westward. First stop London Gatwick, then a cab ride to a hotel at Heathrow. After what we always hope will be a decent night’s sleep … we’ll enjoy a day in the air (watching films/eating/reading/eating/snoozing/eating etc)  before arriving in Los Angeles mid afternoon.

We’ve been home almost 5 months. That’s the longest stretch of time in one place in the last few years. It’s been wonderful to properly reconnect. And, as you know, there have been numerous creative and enriching highlights.

The last week (OMG have we done everything!?) is always a rush – in many ways. Packing is generally the last thing to get done.There are a myriad loose ends to tie up and many and varied things to think about, rethink and attempt to do. Saying goodbye to friends and family is a priority but even so people aren’t always around to have a final hug and a giggle with. C’est la vie. We do what we can n’est pas?

We’ve almost finalised everything for the new (Fantabulous!) Daphne’s Flight album … songs recorded and mixed – check; running order agreed – check; insert photos, words and lyrics gathered and approved – check; artwork completed – almost; fantastic tour dates confirmed – CHECK! Still feeling immeasurably blessed by it all and super excited about the magic and musical richness that will be generated by this amazing project next year. Hurrah!

Before then of course there’re all manner of fabulous experiences to be had, including a wonderful workshop in LA, only two days after landing, entitled “Archangel Masterclass” with Tina Marie Bertolli and Billy Rottkamp. I met  these two beautiful people in Egypt last year and we are now most definitely very good friends. The following day Bob and I fly to Oregon to visit our great friend Marianne. As if all that wasn’t enough Sunday November 14th I’m honoured to make a guest appearance at a Wild Honey Back Yard event back in Los Angeles with the amazing Mr Rob Laufer.

Bob and I continue our travels, this time heading south to spend time with Bob’s fabulous sister in North Island New Zealand., We leave on November 25th; arriving at Auckland airport November 27th. The flight’s 13 hours long. You do the maths 🙂 xxx Time travel exists people! We have the privilege of being in that glorious country for a whole month before heading to Australia and all things that make Grandma Cripsy extremely happy in deed.

One of the other enjoyable experiences in my life is to collaborate and perform with wonderfully talented musicians. Michael Fix is a brilliant guitarist and an all round delightful human being. We’re excited to be performing together again in 2017. We’re playing Illawarra Folk Festival in January and Port Fairy Folk Festival in March with a number of shows and House Concerts still in the pipeline. Dates can be found HERE! Michael and I are really looking forward to creating more musical magic and having a whole heap of fun in the process.

we are family           beautiful canopy       two caps

On a more personal front I’ve taken a great deal of pleasure walking the Island’s beautiful glens recently, appreciating the change of seasons and relishing the soft golden light and brilliant colours of Autumn. My camera is generally with me and my misty GoPro (I don’t know what happened but well you know … it must have rained inside the camera or something?) always handy to capture some of the Island’s loveliness.

p1470434                 p1470394                  p1470414

p1470449        p1470440        p1470487

This month’s Video/Song is another track taken from Blue Aconite (released on Fledg’ling Records the same year as Daphne’s Flight – 1996!). It’s one of the first original songs I wrote as a solo artist. I have to say I’m not nearly as cynical now as this track would imply but … the lyrics still ring true on some level. Humans huh? I do like the arrangement and particularly love Chris Lesley’s beautiful playing especially on the outro. Images … from a walk through Ballaugh Planation on the tiny Isle. It’s the first time I’ve explored there. I think the fairies were surprised to see me, and very happy to hear me sing for them 😉 xxx I think they’ll let me back.

little falls      p1470521     hidden pond


Thanks as ever for dropping by I do appreciate you! Next Blogpost will mostly be coming from the city of Angels.

Till then … play nice.

Endless blessings

Christine xxx


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