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Blogpost August 2016

As I type these words the wind is howling round Mum and Dad’s recently painted dorma-bungalow. The sky is luminous pearly grey and rain has splattered the windows. It must be August! C’est la vie for a tiny Isle in the middle of the Irish Sea. I am not complaining just stating the facts … we have had at least three days of sunshine in the past few weeks. I may share evidence in case you think me a day-dreamer 🙂 xxx The house by-the-way was painted mostly by Bob … dad and I helped a little but Bob did the lion’s share. Hurrah for my lovely husband!

P1460431     P1460383      IMG_1486

In a week’s time Bob and I leave this beautiful Island for the UK and begin the build-up proper for the recording of Daphne’s Flight’s second album in twenty years! When last we met I promised fly-on-the-wall glimpses of Daphne’s rehearsing … I only have one such snippet to share. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that our first get together in over 12 years was totally amazing! Music, magic and creativity flowed with ease. We have 11 songs decided upon; 9 originals – including both my Manx Folklore inspired tunes. It was an absolute joy to sing together again and work on arranging some truly fabulous songs. I am … excited!

One of the great joys of being at Chris and Julie’s lovely home in Penistone was hanging out with Dylan the dog – Julie’s canine companion and best friend of thirteen years. I loved sneaking him carrot treats when no one was looking – he loved carrots! Who knew? He even sat quietly with me at the bottom of the garden one morning while I meditated … he was very Zen! Sadly though, just a few weeks ago Dylan dog passed away. He lived a full and fabulous life and was utterly loved and adored by everyone who had the great fortune to meet him. He is sadly missed. Bless his great big bouncy white furry heart.

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The weekend before last (August 5th – 7th) I attended a very special weekend course on Siddah Kundalini Crystal Healing at a gorgeous setting in Sulby in the north of the Island. Amisfield House is set in beautiful grounds with the most magnificent views of the northern hills. The weekend was organised by Abby Dixon and taught by Dani Sher. Together they created an awe inspiring experience. Twelve wonderful women attended which Dani found amusing. No men in the Isle of Man?

IMG_1432          P1460083           IMG_1421

P1460089      P1460093      P1460098

Each day began with an hour and a half of Hatha Yoga taught by Abby and each time I felt a deeper and deeper appreciation for the slow moving, love inspired practice. Yoga was followed by fresh organic fruits and tea after which we sat in front of a beautiful Crystal Mandala and learned about ancient practices only recently revealed (since 2005) to those interested in it’s subtle but palpable application. After a delicious vegan lunch more learning and experiencing the joy of this wonderful energetic connection.

I am truly inspired by the entire practice and find myself offering sessions to all my family and friends – near and far. Isn’t it wonderful when we find something that infuses us with enthusiasm and joy? I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone so learned and experienced here on the tiny Isle. In fact Dani will be back to do another weekend in October before returning to India where he now lives. I’m tempted to attend a second time … if not then I’ll joyfully return for another weekend in the not-too-distant-future. Hurrah for positive and life affirming experiences!

Since coming to learn a little more about the mystery, power and magic of crystals I’ve taken various stones in my possession to Druidale to cleanse them in the tinkling stream. I used to love going there as a kid when the little river crossed the single track road running to and from the Kirk Michael road and Ballaugh. Now the road has grown a cement bridge so the water runs merrily beneath but we loved paddling and being driven through the water way back when.

About twenty years ago when back for a Christmas visit one time, I brought with me a clear quartz crystal ball; even then I had an appreciation and connection with the beauty of stones. I decided to take my newly acquired and highly prized possession to Druidale to cleanse it in the clear running stream. Not content to dip it in the bouncing water and take it out a few minutes later, I thought it would be even better to leave it there over night. There was no one else around – it was threatening snow at the time – so I marked where it was in the lea of a high pool tucked in a moss strewn corner and left it to the force of nature.

P1460570       P1460132        P1460195

I went back two days later on my birthday. Could I find it? No! I searched and searched to no avail. I even had my parents (tolerant of my whims and fancies even then!) join in the search. The weather was … inclement! The snow she fell. The wind was unrelenting. Frozen and somewhat disappointed we gave up and let the mystery of the missing crystal ball become a family myth. I couldn’t resist looking again even this week!

P1460223             P1460270

P1460586        P1460168

Along with the lilac-coloured ling and purple heather blooming on the surrounding hills, a plethora of mushrooms and toadstools dot the little cleft in the land that makes up this magical spot. I went once on my own and a second time with a dear friend. It is such a joy to be in Mother Nature’s playground! This time dear reader I dipped my lovely crystals as a baby in a font and counted them clean and clear no matter the swiftness of the plunge.

P1460174      P1460199      P1460213

P1460223          P1460326        P1460540

So I am all prepared for Daphne’s recording session which officially starts September 1st … and just prior to that, Bob and I are invited to the celebration of one of Bob’s nephew’s son’s marriage (do I need to provide a flow chart?). Joey and Lanting married last year and this occasion is for family and friends to share in their delight. It’s always fun to gather the clan n’est pas?!

This week’s video song: Actually it’s one I posted about 18 months ago but seemed appropriate to replay as the footage was taken at Druidale and shows the old stand of Beech Trees that I love so much, really well … so here for a second time is a delightful but not-quite-finished song co-written with my lovely friend Paul Dodgson: “Who Will Walk Me Through The Days?”. Enjoy 🙂 xx

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Till next time … take care … see you the other side of Daphne’s!!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xxx


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