Summer Strawberry Solstice Moon

Blogpost June 21st

So dear reader we find ourselves mid-way through another year. Extraordinary how time seems to speed up the more summers we experience. Happy solstice! Officially that was June 20th  at 23.34 BST and twelve hours before, the moon was as full as full can be. In some cultures it’s called a Strawberry moon. When my gorgeous grand daughters, Bella and Chiara, who were five on June 21st (I had to get that in right?), asked why? I had no idea. So like any decent grandma would, I made something up on the spot. Turns out I was right! Here’s what I found on’t’tinernet (The Independent’s website no less):

“What is the Strawberry Moon?

It is a full moon, which occurs in June, named by early Native American tribes. It is a full moon like any other, but marks the beginning of the strawberry season. The two events coincide once every 70 years. “

Who knew?

Since last we met I’ve flown half way around the planet returning to the tiny Isle that is my home. Bob and I were away for four months! I think that’s the longest trip we’ve ever taken together. We are grateful for every second.

Apart from being on stage with Richard Thompson the first weekend, our time in Los Angeles was relatively quiet and restful with only a little activity, social and/or creative. The few forays with friends we made were delightful and we’ve promised ourselves more, next time – whenever that happens to be.

Just a few magic moments with the Maestro himself …


The Island is looking gorgeous in her verdant green robes, dotted liberally with scarlet fuchsia, golden gorse, pink and white valerian and bright red poppies – a joy to behold!

P1450182                P1450190              P1450178

P1450153                      P1450192

Now I’m back I have many songs to complete with various collaborators … they’ve been waiting patiently while I gadded about the planet (songs and collaborators both) 🙂 xxx there are at least four lovely compositions with Steve Lima that are vying for my attention, as well as a couple I’m almost happy with by myself. On top of that I have several chants I began in Los Angeles which clamour to be heard by more than my ears. Who knows what will make it to the finish line first? But I’m happy to be engaged in the creative process once more.

There is also the matter of my book … ah yes … the re-write still reaches out for completion. All in good time. I think it’s time to make plans. Prioritise. Breathe deep and count my blessings … there are so many fruitful possibilities.

Events I’m really looking forward to coming up … I’ve been invited to play at the Manx Yn Chruinnaght at Peel Centenary Centre Friday July 15th. I wanted to do something a little different and I’m thrilled to sing with some of my favourite people too … Jo and Juan Callister with Lou Earner will perform with me as well as Lindsay Rowe, a fabulous keyboard player. We’re looking to raise the roof with some powerful harmonies and a great big dollop of excitement.

And plans are also afoot to begin the journey that is the juggernaut of Daphne’s Flight. We have our first creative session in 20 years July 25th! Oh what musical mischief will we conjure? The anticipation is already high!

And so dear friends I will leave you with another video/song. This time a wonderful Lal Waterson track I recorded for “Songbird”, the 1999 compilation  CD Fledg’ling Records released of my solo work to that point. I’m joined here by the fabulous combined talents of Jacqui McShee and Helen Watson. And images from my wonderful trip to Egypt last December … half a year ago?! Enjoy.


Until next time, keep smiling!

Endless blessings!

Christine xxx


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