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Blogpost April 28th

Where to begin? We’ve driven a fair few miles since last I posted and even had three delightful shows with Michael Fix. Magda Artz was our first musical escaped snuggled deep in suburbia Magda Community Artz is a labour of love for a very enthusiastic music lover called Melvyn Langford. The venue in question was once an old chapel under threat of developers and Melvyn stepped in ay the eleventh hour to reclaim it for local community. It has not been an easy experience. But the place is a wonderful space to perform and be entertained in and I truly hope we get an invitation to return. The show went far better than either Michael or I had hoped and it gave us a real boost for the following shows.

There was a ten day gap between Magda Artz and our next outing all the way down the coast in a suburb of Sydney at the Petersham Bowling Club. But before we visit that positive experience let me just give a brief description of our time in Tin Can Bay.

Actually before that we still had a few days visiting with Bob’s nephew and family down on the Gold Coast. Peter and his wife Janet and their teenage son Harrison live in a beautiful part of the Gold Coast aptly named Paradise Point where we spent the majority of time during our Brisbane trip. Peter only recently passed his degree in Marine Biology at the Waikato University in New Zealand (we’re all incredibly proud of him!) and was excited to show us round the two of the Universities his new home in Brisbane has to offer. There’s a strong possibility he’ll be doing some very important research there in the near future 🙂

P1440437         P1440447         P1440572           P1440586

We had a wonderful day and were so impressed with both sites. The atmosphere and facilities available to students is really amazing. Bob and I both left school at 16 and so never had that higher or further education experience. Things could have been different if we’d had these kinds of opportunities. Who am I kidding? I love my life! Hard knocks an’all!

Tin Can Bay is a sleepy little inlet close to Rainbow Beach and the southern tip of Frazer Island, a national treasure of natural beauty and wild dingos! We had planned a 4 day stop at a lovely, little apartment overlooking the inlet with a visit on the cards to see friends who moved from the Island to the outskirts of Maryborough an hour’s drive up the coast. Maryborough is the town Pamela Travers was brought up in – watch saving Mr Banks!

P1440654         P1440663         P1440671         P1440683

We enjoyed two days driving round, sauntering along sandy shorelines and mostly eating fish and chips when Bob became quite ill with a stomach bug of some kind. We still don’t know what it was. Anyway it meant that he had to forgo the pleasure of seeing our dear friends and spent the next three days in bed asleep! We stayed an extra day in the hope he’d feel a good deal better – which sort of worked. I however had a delightful time with Vivienne and kevin and revelled in their new life. Bob’s going to love it when we come back! They took me for a delicious lunch in the nearby holiday town of Hervey Bay – next time perhaps we’ll stay there?


Before we left our little Tin Can Bay home I got up extra early on Sunday morning to go down to the boat ramp along the inlet to feed wild dolphins! Two male dolphins Mystique – the alpha male (they often have alpha females!) and a younger male they’ve named Scratch showed up. The story is that 55 years ago a badly mauled (sharks!) male dolphin came into the boat ramp in obvious distress and the locals at that time created a sling bed of sorts in the water for him to rest in. He rested and a few weeks later left in full health. But then the following morning after he returned with his whole pod and so almost every day – there are only one or two days each year when this doesn’t happen – at least one, two and often four dolphins from the same pod come in and hang out near the ramp. There are a whole bunch of volunteers who turn up every day to help. It was awesome! I was only a few feet away from these magical creatures and I got to give Mystique a fish which he took ever-so-gently from my hand. The volunteers and dolphins alike were very gracious and patient and just loved it.

P1440728         P1440768         P1440833         P1440845

And so we started back down the coast toward Sydney staying one night in a rather dilapidated motel on the outskirts of Coff’s Harbour … win some, lose some nest pas? We stayed for the next three nights mid way between our two gigs. Unfortunately Bob wasn’t up to coming to the Petersham show which is a shame coz it was a scorcher! Many more people than anticipated turned up and the whole night was a-fizz with excitement. I met some of Chris While and Julie Matthew’s fabulous fans which was fantastic.

Bob felt so much better the following day and was more than happy to come to Wollongong – a place neither of us had been to before. We got there super early and wandered the central shopping Mall in the middle of town much like any other; then drove down to the beach and lighthouse area early evening – lovely. The gig was great but far fewer people came than the organisers expected though the fifty or so who turned up more than made up for their numbers with enthusiasm! Bob – bless him! – sat with the GoPro on the whole night so we have footage to share – hurrah! We’re a bit distant but you get the picture 🙂 (pun intended!). So here for your musical delight – as promised ages ago – is a selection of songs from both sets at Wollongong – enjoy!


We’re now high up in the Australian Highlands at Glen Innes where I’m representing the Isla of Man in their Celtic festival which officially starts tonight. Michael Fix is joining for a few songs this event but ostensibly it is the Premiere showing of Island Bound the wonderful music documentary the Davy Knowles researched and presented for the Island’s year of Culture in 2014. The whole thing was brilliantly produced by our great friends

Thanks as ever for dropping by. I really do appreciate it!

Till next time.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

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