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Hello there. To say a lot has happened out there in the world in the last few weeks is a somewhat redundant statement, yet, as bland and impotent as it may be, I felt the need to make it. I can only write about my own life and the small shifts and changes that take place within it, I have no answers to help heal the deep divides that faith and indignant righteousness fuel between cultures and big shot Politicians alike but like the millions of honest, compassionate, caring, ordinary citizens of the world who stand agape and broken-hearted at the futile deaths on all sides, I am floored by the ruptures in the world at large and still, the only response I have that makes any sense to me at all, is to send love to humanity as a whole. Love and light to you all, wherever you are, whatever your skin colour; religion; faith; sexual leaning; spiritual connection; LOVE; LOVE; LOVE.

Onto more normal Blogposting news: I finally finished the music for Angela Hryniuk’s meditation CD. I’ll let you know once it’s made available so you can check it all out. I continue the delightful songwriting process with Rob Laufer (four songs completed and four more to play with) and in between, there were rehearsals with the Wild Honey Orchestra for the amazing charity show that took place on Saturday November 21st for Autism Think Tank at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica.
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There are so many selfless helpers involved with these events and I’m in awe at the tremendous organisational skills and seeming endless energy generated by Paul Rock , David Jenkins and their amazing team. I only wish we could raise more money for all their efforts!

On a very personal note it’s with great sadness that I mention here Bob’s lovely brother-in-law, Kenneth-Clarke Wilson, who departed this world on Monday November 16th surrounded by his loving family. Ken and Chris (Bob’s wonderful sister) met when she was 27 and he was 54 and were two of our favourite people to spend time with. Ken was and is loved sincerely by those of us who had the great fortune to know him and is missed so much already. Ken was 94 years old! He lived many lives in this one existence. As a young man he was an airman stationed in India during the second world war; he was a truly fine photographer who loved to share his immense knowledge; a loving husband; wonderful dad, granddad and Great granddad; an all round wonderful human being I was privileged to know. Rest easy now Ken we love you still.


It was Thanks Giving here last Thursday and it feels like Christmas has arrived early with all the festive energy … not to mention Christmas trees, baubles and lights everywhere! It feels a little weird coz it’s still so bright and warm.

We arrive back on the Isle of Man December 7th and on the 11th my mum and I leave for Egypt! OMG – I can’t tell you how excited we are. We’ll be there for ten days on a very special trip visiting sacred sites in Luxor and Cairo. We will have the opportunity to chant and sing in many of these places – it’s called The Resurrection Retreat! We get back to the Island December 23rd … just in time for Christmas … and did I mention we’re going to Egypt? I shall be posting photographs galore once we’re back. 🙂

So … onto this week’s video/song selection: I’m using another demo that no one’s heard before – Cerulean Sky – inspired by a painting entitled “Summer Evening” by local artist Bryony Harrison. The images are photos from a fabulous weekend with friends who just moved to Acton CA. Their new place is 3.4 thousand feet above sea level and there’s a likelihood they’ll have snow very soon … in Southern California! We love the house and it’s brilliant views and close by is Vasquez Rocks – scene of many an Alien planet on the original Star Trek series. I expected to see Captain James T Kirk to show up any time.

Till next time dear reader, stay warm and as safe as possible. I give thanks for your continued support!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x


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