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Blogpost Oct 17th

Greetings from sunny California! Bob and I arrived a week last Sunday and have been slowly gathering our discombobulated selves together and gently easing into a different time-zone and geographic place. I will attempt to condense a full month’s worth of news into one small bite-sized Blogpost.

When last I wrote we were about to travel across the Irish Sea for a quick visit with family and friends in the north of England. We had a wonderful few days with Bob’s brother in York and then had the great pleasure of attending another brilliant performance in Chesterfield watching Chris While & Julie Matthews which gave me the joy of singing with them once more. I’m sharing a simple GoPro video of a gorgeous song of Julie’s – the last encore of the night –  it touched my heart. Salty Dog  is Julie’s love song to her gorgeous dog Dylan. I dare you not to smile; or weep; or both!

And it is with great pride that I can share here the news that ARE WE HUMAN – another of Julie’s inspirational songs – is now released as a download single only. All proceeds go to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station)! I sang harmony vocals at Chris and Julie’s request and am so proud to be a part of their great effort to help other humans in need. Thank you for your support!

We traveled on from Chesterfield to celebrate the 60th birthday of our great friend Bryan Ansell and enjoyed, as always, the wonderful hospitality of his family home in East Stoke. We once lived in the old Courtyard attached to the BIG house and loved every glorious minute of it! It always feels like coming home when we have the opportunity to stay.

Once back on the tiny Isle we had ten days to prepare for our current trip to Los Angeles. There was a flurry of goodbyes and necessary catch-up sessions with as many family and friends as we could squeeze in.

Selfie with Christy and Jill    P1410592   Overlooking Peel town

In between all that enjoyable frenzy I began the process of creating musical tracks for Angela Hryniuk’s new Meditation CD. Angela and I have been the greatest of friend’s for over thirty years. Originally from Canada Angela now lives in Brisbane with her Australian husband Stephen Seaton; she travels widely to deliver her inspirational presentations. She is a remarkable woman! With 25 years of Tibetan Buddhism under her spiritual belt and 17 years sobriety to deepen her wisdom, she has worked tirelessly for many years to create a powerful platform that helps people transform their lives into shining examples of wonderment! It is a huge honour to be asked to create these tracks and it has been a steep learning curve to bring the subtle music required into being. We’re not there yet but getting close for sure.

P1410751      P1410754   P1410687

On Thursday we started the long drive up the I-5 towards Oregon and to see our good friend Marianne’s newly renovated place near Grant’s Pass. It’s the first time we’ve had chance to visit her there and we were excited! It is fully autumn in Oregon with a blaze of colourful foliage on display and the weather was delightfully mild. One fabulous afternoon was spent at a local winery near her house: Schmidt’s put on a wonderful spread and had some very silly activities planned … both Bob and Marianne couldn’t resist taking part! We came back yesterday via Route 1 and stopped off at my favourite place to have lunch: Nepenthe … a stunning location and a perfect day for it. The drive back was spectacular.

In other news … a new re release of Gregson And Collister’s first album “Home and Away” will be out Nov 6th (that’s TOMORROW!) on Cherry Red Records. They’ve put together a great 3 CD set which includes most of the last two shows we ever did together at The Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester. For those completists amongst you this is an exciting prospect! You can pre-order HERE and HERE!

I’m excited to start rehearsals with the Wild Honey Orchestra this week … our show with Iain Matthews and Au Pair is rapidly coming up! Saturday November 21st at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica!

And not forgetting this Sunday – November 8th – Barb Jungr is playing here in Los Angeles hope to see some of you then at the Catalina Club!

This week’s video/song is a crazy mix of footage from our trip to Oregon (including Bob bobbing for apples!) and a little song I wrote during my Art inspired experiments. Like Ivy – was inspired by local artist Coleen Corlett’s beautiful water colour sketch of sea holly:         €holly:Coleen Corllet

See you in a week or so … have fun whatever you’re up to!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xxx

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