Wonderful weather and waiting for the muse to show.

Blogpost October 6th

The sun is shining! Hurrah. We’ve had unbelievably gorgeous weather on the tiny Isle these last few weeks; then yesterday – just to remind us how blessed we’ve been – the heavens opened and the relentless wind threw lashings of the wet stuff at our windows in horizontal mayhem! Today … all is calm. Like life you never know what will be thrown at you or what great gifts bestowed. OK … philosophical musings over! Just to illustrate the calm and light filled days recently here are a few pics:

Peel Marina  P1410410    IMG_1032   P1410373  P1410407  P1410349

Bob and I will be venturing across the Irish Sea tomorrow evening for a short visit with family and friends in the UK: York; Chesterfield and East Stoke to be precise. Bob’s brother and sister-in-law, live in a lovely house on the outskirts of York and it’s always a joy to spend time there with them. It’s been an age since we saw them last; should be a lovely, lighthearted and fun-filled get together. Then Friday we dash off to pick up friends in East Stoke to take them to a gig in Chesterfield where Chris While and Julie Matthews will be singing up a storm. There are plans afoot for me to join them on a handful of songs – after our recent reunion and successful musical outing I’m very excited about that!

On Saturday we’ll be celebrating our dear friend Bryan Ansell‘s birthday. Hurrah!

On the heels of my bad back (see last Blogpost) a swift but thorough head cold descended and kept me away from any creative musings for a number of days. C’est la vie. It never ceases to amaze me how debilitating a cold can be, especially to those of us who sing! It can take a month and more to recover full strength and control over vocal chords that have been battered by those pesky little microorganisms. All the symptoms have gone now – thankfully! Just got to work myself up into that excited and super creative state to find momentum again.

On the musically creative front I can tell you that Rob Laufer is back on the genius writing wagon and has transformed a lovely song we started on piano a few months ago. By adding a beautiful chorus and a twist in the emotional impact of the song lyrically, I think we have ourselves a thing of great beauty! It’s very Bacharach-esque – I think I may have made up a new word?! Anyway I love how it’s progressing. We have at least four other songs that show great promise too. Now, that, I am very happy about despite waiting for the muse to come back around.

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week and trust you’re all adjusting to seasonal changes – wherever you are on the planet – it’s that time of year again. The weather wheel she spins and we all get to change it up a little – inside and out.

This week’s video/song is … a combination of iPhone footage taken while on a walk with Bobby (my brother Colin’s wee doggy) at Bishop’s Court Glen last Sunday afternoon, accompanied by a strange little ditty I wrote maybe four or five years ago when I was really getting into Logic Loops. I was imagining a conversation between two sides of myself – yes really – and came across the bossy/stubbourn side of my character (stop sniggering!) and saw how she likes to see herself as tenacious rather than stubborn; and clear headed and precise rather than nit picking. She definitely thinks she’s a no-nonsense, essential part of the whole, so-to-speak. She’d probably say things like:”You’d be nothing without me!” and: “Not like that! Like this!”. It could be a show song I suppose … part of a musical production maybe? Perhaps the baddy in the piece who sees her worth very clearly even though no one else seems to! Hey-ho … listen if you dare!

I’ll also share – because I can – another song I performed with Chris While and Julie Matthews a few weeks back – a reminder of what’s coming up this Friday night in Chesterfield! If you get chance to see one of their shows – wherever it is – don’t pass up the opportunity. You won’t be disappointed!

Till next week dear reader! Take care of your gorgeous self and see you back here in a week or so.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x


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