Daft prophesies and Daphne’s Flight – almost!

Blogpost Sept 23rd

Yesterday (Wednesday Sept 23rd) should have been the end of the world apparently! Who knew? Perhaps the statement should end in a chorus way: The end of the world as we know it? One person’s apocalypse is another person’s resurrection I suppose. For you and I it was just another fitful Autumnal Wednesday. Actually it would have been my Nana’a birthday – happy everything Nana wherever you are now! I do miss her – 13 years gone form this earthly plane. Bless! Anyway the end of the world event came and went and as far as I can tell … we’re still here right?

It’s been a funny few days. After the great excitement of the Isle of Man Film Festival last week … I managed to put my back out. I blame it on the many (enjoyable!) hours spent in cinema style seats … the entertainment value was well worth it but a bad back is – well a bad back and no one relishes that! I went to see my “man who knows”, John Williams, at the Balanced Health Clinic in Peel.  He successfully untwisted my lower spine and undid the general damage, though it still took a few days of careful negotiation, manoeuvring myself in and out of sitting/lying/walking situations before the tenderness subsided. I’m now armed with a whole slew of new exercises aimed at prevention (she typed whilst stooping over her too low keyboard!). C’est la vie.

It meant that my great creative flow from the previous weeks was somewhat stymied and that wonderful rush and roar was down to a tiny trickle. I did improve on the song written with my secret co-writer, changing a few weird chords into what now looks like a real chorus – time will tell. He gave me great feedback … which had me reaching for the guitar enthusiastically (for that read “miraculously!”) to make amends. All is well all shall be well. Soon I will be able to share at least snippets of all this creative focus.

As my back was finally relenting and allowing me to move more freely it was time to reconnect with two friends I hadn’t seen in over six years. Chris While and Julie Matthews formed two fifths of Daphne’s Flight alongside my self, Melanie Harold and Helen Watson – way back in 1996?! For those who don’t know – we were a vocal force to be reckoned with; recording one glorious album (here on the tiny Isle one very wintery January) and performing one month’s worth of fabulous gigs when the album was released. We shared musical adventures in and out of various collaborative and individual tours and guested on each others recordings over the years that followed but never quite got it together to reform what was a truly inspiring experience. And since I returned to live on the tiny Isle and began my traveling ways with Bob, we just fell out of regular touch.

Chris and Julie were over at the request of our mutual friend and local promoter Dave Mclean. He and his gorgeous wife, Lizzie, had formed a real bond with the girls since those heady days (Daphne’s Flight was recorded at Dave’s wonderful home studio The Big Room in Kirk Michael) and they very kindly invited Bob and I along to a celebration dinner with themselves and Chris and Julie last Friday night. It was a riotous and delightful evening and seamlessly brought us all back together in a truly beautiful way. Thanks again Dave and Lizzie!

P1400874               P1400855                  P1400924

The following day we met for a delicious lunch at Niarbyl Cafe and spent another few hours on the stony beach feeling utterly blessed by the place, the glorious weather and each others rejuvenated company. We also conspired to sing a few songs together that night at their sell out show at the fabulous Centenary Centre in Peel.
P1400959    P1410257     P1410060     P1410245
Mum and dad came along as they remember fondly the fun we all had staying at their then hotel the Ellan Vannin on Loch Prom, while recording each day in Kirk Michael (for anyone NOT from an Island you’ll have no idea just how dedicated that made us look! It’s a fair schlep between Douglas and Kirk Michael yer know … at least 11 miles!).
Chris and Julie were on fire on Saturday night! It was a wonderful show and the audience lapped it up with great joy and enthusiasm. At the end of the second half Chris and Julie brought me on stage and we sang for the first time in years – Class Reunion; Father A’dieu and Circle Round The Sun. Just before we launched into Circle Round the Sun Chris had the inspired idea to do a slow version of one of Dusty Springfield’s classic pop songs … I went to walk to the side of the stage not knowing what the song was but Chris said: “Oh you’ll be fine … just join in when you know it!” I so love her trust in my harmonising abilities! Apart from a little hesitation in the middle eight … I actually did OK! Our collective sound is rather lovely. You can see and hear for yourself thanks to Bob’s masterful unshaky iPhone video:

The whole event was a huge success and Chris and Julie are hoping to come back again in the spring. I hope I’m on Island when they do! There’s a slight possibility I’ll be able to join them on one of their upcoming shows in the UK … watch this space for further info 🙂 xxx all is well all shall be well.

Thanks again to Bob’s steady hand and excellent GoPro/iPhone focus, I’m able to share a little more of the beauty of Saturday night with you. Enjoy!

So … I’m now nursing a tiny cold … which will bugger off in the next day or so and then … watch out world! That is if it’s still here … of course it will be! We don’t scare that easily.

There are two new songs awaiting my attention from the brilliant muse of Steve Lima who’s on a creative wave right now. So happy to be a part of that process. Plus … Rob Laufer’s back from his exotic holiday in Bora Bora – bless him! So I’m expecting a few more tracks to come to fruition with his particular genius. Life is good!

This week’s video/song combination is … footage from a day in the north of the island – visiting Bride Church, The Point of Ayr, driving back through a glorious sunny afternoon and finishing with a little footage at Niarbyl Bay … you can just see Chris and Julie, Dave and Lizzie at the very end 🙂 x I chose an appropriate song to include Daphne’s Flight glorious harmonies on my version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah recorded for the Rega Vinyl album “Love” – released in 2005? Time … she just don’t stop for no one!

Till next week lovely people. Who knows what joyous things will occur between now and then! The world will – probably – still be here; us too with a little luck!

Thanks as always for dropping by. See you out there in the ethers.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx 🙂 xx

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