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Blogpost September 14th

The wind is howling outside but thankfully the rain’s no longer slamming into the windows. It is Autumn after all! With the change of season come new ideas and plans, still forming, as yet to be cemented. Life is good. Bob and I are starting the process of organising ourselves through the next few months and beyond. A number of trips are in the offing and it’s always a delight to begin thinking about moving ourselves around the planet once more; however nothing’s in stone as yet. All will be revealed.

This week is always an exciting time of year as The Isle Of Man Film Festival is once again thrilling the tiny Isle into a hubbub of artistic activity and fantastic film-related events. Bob and I were lucky enough to be at the opening night: a fabulous evening at Noa Bakehouse with the incomparable artist Roger Dean, whose unique and inspirational works span a huge spectrum of artistic disciplines including: iconic album covers; architecture; books and now films. He shared with great passion and humour many aspects of his super creative world. It was a fascinating and highly entertaining experience. Bravo to everyone at the Festival for making the most of a golden opportunity!

I’m still knee deep in the song writing process myself enjoying some wonderful moments with Steve Lima especially these past few weeks. There are developments with Rob Laufer too but he’s now on holiday in Bora Bora (lucky him huh!). I’m happy to say that creative collaborations will be resumed on his return next week. Also, my secret writing partner is on tour right now so a natural hiatus on our little song has been put in place. I still tinker with these songs in embryo when no one’s looking … or should that be listening? Anyway it’s all moving along and I’m really thrilled with the way it’s all going.

The rewrite is still a bit messy and stop-strater-ish but I did manage to move away from the beginning chapters this week to wokd deeper into the story itself – that alone is a major change and one I’m grateful for. There’s still so much to get done and at times it seems like too big a hill to climb. That’s when I have to focus in on the terrain directly in front of me and stop looking past the hill and on to the top of the mountain which is mostly lost in the clouds! All is well all shall be well. Slowly-slowly. Process, process, process.

Last Sunday was a very exciting day as my brother Colin and sister-in-law Rachel organised for my nephew Aaron to take part in the island’s annual Drag Race event at Jury Air field. For those of you who don’t know, Aaron is wheelchair bound with severe cerebral palsy. He is none-the-less one of life’s amazing and joy-inspiring individuals. He is also a speed fanatic and loves to watch cars and bikes racing on youtube and whenever possible at exciting live events. He also loves Postman Pat, so you can imagine his excitement to find a Postman Pat racing car at the event. Colin and Rachel – who are THE most amazing parents – arranged for Aaron to be presented with a winners cup along with other winners on the day and he was SO excited! Their dedication, love, fighting spirit and attention to detail is awe inspiring. They have three other sons – Liam, Connor and Jamie – all wonderful and well rounded human beings who are deeply connected to Aaron’s well being. They are an amazing family. It was a brilliant day. Aaron, Colin and Rachel made the papers this week! Here’s a little taster of the day:

P1400415 P1400554 P1400465 P1400592

Next weekend – September 19th – Chris While and Julie Matthews will be performing at one of my favourite venues on the island: The Centenary Centre in Peel. It’s been ages since the three of us have been on the same piece of earth let alone been in the same space together so it promises not only to be a great show but also a much anticipated gathering of friends. I hope to see some of you there!

Mum and dad treated Bob and I to an outing at the Manx Motor Museum on Wednesday as a birthday gift for Bob (shh!). Bob and I have absolutely no interest in cars other than their great convenience at getting us from point A to point B on any given day. When asked what kind of car I have I can honestly say – a silver one! We were hugely surprised at how interesting the experience was. Who knew? Here are some funky pics on FLICKR that I took.
This week’s musical/visual gift is a combination of … iPhone footage of a recent walk through Spooyt Vane on the west of the tiny Isle. I took some photos too which I believe are on my FB wall: HERE The musical portion consists of a song I co-wrote with Rod Bowkett  while I still lived in London in the early noughties: Lighter Than Air which was inspired by the Lian Hearn novel: Across The Nightingale Floor. I sent her a copy of the song a year or so back – she liked it.

There was a glitch on Saturday when I first tried to publish this particular Blogpost but with the help of Cara Kerwin (who is on her well earned hols!!!) have managed to bring back from brink, my little website and it’s Blogging adventures – phew! THANK YOU Cara! 🙂 x

Thanks as always for dropping by. I’m looking forward to another interesting couple of weeks on the tiny Isle and will report back with a batch of memories and creative conundrums as soon as I have enough to tell. Till then – take care and see you in the ethers!

Much love

Christine x

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