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Blogpost August 7th

It’s been a full and fruity few days dear reader. Before our glorious weekend at Catalina (more of which later) I had a great week writing with some fabulous musicians who also happen to be great friends. Before that began I worked on two different tracks long distance using my trusty Logic Pro technology. First off Steve Lima has created not one, not two but three wonderful tracks using the Solfeggio frequencies I’ve mentioned here from time to time 🙂 x they’re all inspiring and I created the start of a melody and lyrics for one … the working title for which is: ”Calling My Name”. Perhaps in it’s next stage of development I’ll post a snippet?

After that I began the new adventure of creating music for Angela Hryniuk’s meditation CD, the first of which is: “On Death And Dying”. Angela’s voice is so liquid and soft and the wisdom she imparts so open and full of meaning. I tried to honour those qualities with a simple but effective run of chords played along with her almost whispered instructions and I think we have the beginnings of something truly beautiful.

On Tuesday I met with my mystery collaborator (he shall remain unnamed for a time yet:-) which was far more enjoyable than I anticipated though not as productive as I’d hoped. Again we have a small but lovely start to a song which I took away as homework 🙂 Using great direction from my mystery man I tuned my guitar to DADGAD and played around with that for an afternoon and came up with a first draft. Hurrah! I sent my first musical thoughts back to my new co-writer and await his response with some trepidation!

Wednesday was spent with Mike Slamer in Santa Clarita. It is always a pleasure to work with Mike who not only comes up with consistently great ideas but who also manages to fully support anything and everything I come up with in response to his musicality. It’s not that he “likes” everything but that his manner is such that I feel relaxed and at ease enough to try anything and everything till I hit on something we both feel is worth pursuing. It’s a rare gift that I totally appreciate! We now have two more tracks on the go.

On Friday en route to San Pedro – where we board Mike and Sue’s boat for our trips to Catalina – Bob dropped me off at Rob Laufer’s home for our first ever writing session together. I love Rob’s musicianship and being in his company is never less than delightful, so I had high hopes. Not only did we have a fun few hours together but I came away with no less than eight (that’s 8!!!) new ideas to work with – the man’s a veritable fountain of inspiration! I have yet to make good any of those ideas but I know I will … just give me a little time and I’ll share a few snippets as they come together.

Bob and I had the privilege of a long weekend on Catalina island with our great friends Mike and Sue Slamer and Nelly Neben. Mike sailed us over to Two Harbours on Friday night with the full moon rising as we moored at the isthmus. We spent a few hours on shore before getting a water taxi back to their boat. I love being rocked to sleep by gentle waves, helped along by the soft ripple of snores a small but perfectly formed group of friends can make.

Full moon at the isthmusat anchoron the waterboats
We had the luxury of three nights on the boat with days spent on shore soaking up the sunshine and laughing fit to burst; we enjoyed every last drop of fun there was to be had … and that’s a lot! The highlight for me this time round came on Saturday afternoon when Mike taught me to snorkel! I have never done this before and absolutely LOVED the experience! Putting the wetsuit on was not the most fun I’ve ever had but I was thrilled to be able to stay in the water as long as I did because of it’s warmth and buoyancy – hurrah! Sue was a trooper too as she took control of the dinghy while Mike and I floated on the surface watching the watery world below. Team work!

There’s an image I will never forget … a huge highway of thousands of small silver and blue fish swimming in twisting ribbons, the sunlight rippling along their iridescent scales forming the most beautiful light show I’ve ever seen – stunning! There were dozens of Garibaldi fish who look like overblown Goldfish, their bright orange skins beaming up through the silver light; plus there were bright yellow and cerise fish flashing in and out of the rocks but my favourite sight was spotting a larger cougar eel fighting off a very big lobster (it was at least two feet long!) … all very exciting. More please!

This week has been spent working on tracks and catching up on the FX tv series Tyrant – our good friend Keon Alexander is now one of the main characters on the show and doing brilliantly. He returned from a five month shoot in Budapest this week and it’s been so much fun catching up on all his adventures. He’s a superstar in the making!

Bob and I fly back to Blighty on Monday, landing back on Manx soil Tuesday evening. It’s been three months since we left! I’m excited to see my family and friends on the tiny isle. We have the luxury of at least two months on the island this time round – hurrah!

This week’s video/song is an appropriate smorgasbord of footage leaving Catalina accompanied by an unreleased song co-written with our skipper Mike Slamer. We wrote the song about two years ago.

Thanks as always for dropping by, I truly appreciate it.

Next week’s Blogpost will mostly be from the magical tiny isle – yay!

Till then … keep smiling 🙂 xx

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xxx

PS: Happy birthday to my little brother 🙂 Colin! See you next week for a celebration then! x

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