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Blogpost July 14th

Well it’s been a little while n’est pas? So much to report and so little to tell.
Our last week in Sydney was filled with giggles and hugs and we savoured every little last drop. We never know when the next chance to be on the other side of the world will arise but trust the opportunity will come our way again – soon. Sigh. We count our blessings every day.
Bella swingsGirls ago-goChiara rocks!

To break our trip back to the Gold Coast we drove to Sapphire Beach, on the outskirts of Coff’s Harbour, and stayed at the most delightful B&B we’ve ever encountered. Santa Fe is accurately described as a “Luxury B&B” set in 6 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens. We were the only guests that particular night and had the place all to ourselves which was a luxury all of it’s own. The following morning we were treated to a veritable feast of a breakfast which started with freshly prepared raspberry brûlée, fresh strawberries and Greek yoghurt! A truly delicious and delightful experience all round. I kept saying to Bob … “Oh I know who’d love this!” then rattle off a whole list of family and friends I’d love to share the place with. I can dream.

Santa Fe B&B tableSanta Fe B&B skullSanta Fe B&B corridor

We flew to Auckland from Coolangatta airport July 5th dropping Bob’s nephew Peter off for the Gold Coast marathon. By the time we’d landed he’d already finished his 42 kilometre run! We doff our cap to his amazing resilience and super fitness. Next month he’s running a 100 kilometre race!

We are now firmly ensconced with Bob’s sister and husband – Chris and Ken – enjoying the delights of Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. It’s the coldest experience we’ve had this side of the equator and have been variously wrapped in weird and wonderful combinations of T shirts/long sleeved tops/jackets and coats to ward off the Antarctic chill – and that’s just when we’re indoors. Equal and opposite to our cold awakening, are scorching afternoons in the lea of the back balcony where bright sunshine pours down warming our cold bones. Within minutes we’re too hot! C’est la vie. Whatever the weather we are grateful to be here.

Mount Maunganui IMount Muanganui boatsMount Maunganui IIIMount Maunganui II
On a creative slant I have so many musical adventures bubbling up. The chance to write with a number of great musicians when in LA is just ahead but before we left Sydney I recorded some backing vocals for super Faroese-Canadian singer songwriter Lena Anderssen. She and her creative partner Niclas Johannesen create wonderful music together and I was honoured and excited to be asked to add my voice to one of her gorgeous new songs. They both liked my bvs so much they’ve sent me two more tracks to play with! I will most definitely let you know when the music is ready for release … it is a fabulous collection of songs, singing and musical arrangements!

Apart from that I’ve been successfully ignoring my other creative commitments! The rewrite is on the back burner though not by design. I’ve found it difficult to concentrate and squirrel myself away from the great companionship of family we don’t see nearly enough of. So I’m letting myself off the hook a little, enjoying Chris and Ken’s lovely company and gearing up to a more concerted effort once we get to LA. For some reason I’m always more able to focus and knuckle down, so-to-speak, in that creative city.

This week’s video/song is the original demo for “We Spoke Today” which was the first song I wrote having discovered the musical Loops on my then (2008) newly uploaded, Logic program. It was so exciting to realise I could virtually play with all these musicians. I still think it’s the most “grown-up” song I’ve written. The images are from our short but thoroughly enjoyable stay at the aforementioned Santa Fe B&B in Sapphire beach NSW.


Thanks as ever for dropping by. See you on the other side of the planet next week!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x

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