Solstice and Sydney celebrations

Blogpost June 25th

Happy Summer/Winter Solstice everyone! So we’ve moved from the shortest/longest day in 2015 and move ever on to their polar opposites as our beautiful planet continues to spin through space. I feel caught between those two different states of being; I’m in the southern hemisphere right now but feel my deep rooted belonging to the north. However on June 21st – our grand daughter’s reached their fourth birthdays and it was a huge blessing to be here to celebrate that fact! Isabella and Chiara Zaccaria were born in the northern hemisphere but now live in the south … twins in the sign of Gemini!

I will share with you that en route to the party, which began at casa Zaccaria … our hire car gifted us with a great big a flat tyre! And at precisely that moment … the heavens opened. After a short but intense discussion 🙂 I left Bob 😦 to deal with the offending situation and took the bag of pinkly wrapped parcels to our prearranged birthday breakfast.

Bob changed the tyre and drove back to our temporary little flat … soaking wet. Bless him! The girls decided that opening their presents when he could join us later would be best … though just one little puzzle each mysteriously became unwrapped … all-by-themselves. It was too late for Bob to join in the raucous party at a nearby  (make-as-much-noise-as-you-like!) party establishment … c’est la vie. The girls had a marvelous time with their friends and were super excited by the enormous amount of gifts that kept on coming. In my day (feel free to read this in a grumpy approximation of a generic northern accent – of your choice) … we were lucky to get a ferret! Oh sorry I mean … bin bag … er no … an apple! There now that’s more like it.

It was a wonderful day despite the first-world-challenges sent to try us and our gorgeous girls were the epitome of delightfulness! Of course I’m biased – what d’you expect?!

In other news. Our drive from the Gold Coast to Sydney via Glen Innes was spectacular and to add to the overall experience there was hardly any traffic until we dropped down to the  coast again. We stopped off in Glen Innes at the request of the organisers of a Celtic festival which takes place every year in and around this sweet little town. They’ve even erected a wonderful stone circle monument which includes a plaque honouring Tynwald in the Isle of Man.

The meeting went well – though further discussion is necessary – I have my fingers crossed that it marks the beginning of a possible tour of Australia next year! Things, as-they-say, are looking up.

Apart from that, internet is somewhat dodgy where we’re staying which makes keeping in touch with family and friends around the planet a bit more challenging than we’d like but we’re dealing with it.
Dee Why Beach II
It rained heavily for days but Saturday brought us a bright beautiful blue sky day so we walked with our girls down to Dee Why beach looking for shells and generally had a fun-filled delightful time. Now you know everything! I’m still utterly beguiled by the phrase: “Grandma?” – which isn’t always followed by a question but a sweet sparkly-eyed smile and a giggle of delight.
Dee Why beach I
This week’s video/song includes images from our drive to Sydney … beautiful huh? Accompanying us along the way is fabulous KD Lang song “Outside Myself” I used to perform with Howard Lees (guitar)and Rory McFarlane (bass) which was captured for posterity on the CD “Live” (from the Gaiety Theatre) in 1994.

For now I’ll say goodbye and look forward to another catch-up soon … whether from the Gold Coast (before July 5th) or Mount Maunganui NZ (from July 5th) is yet to be decided … in the mean time have fun and play nice!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine aka Grandma Crispy xx

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