Mount Tamborine, timber and timbre.

Blogpost June 13th

Hello dear reader, I hope this week’s Blogpost finds you in fine fettle. I’m feeling much better than last week – thanks for asking – although I’m still not 100% … I’m definitely moving in the right direction.

Bob and I are now in Brisbane, enjoying the warmth of a tropical winter along with the delight of seeing family and friends – always a joy!

Last weekend I took part in Winter Break – a boutique creative music retreat – organised by my good friend Stephen Seaton. It’s a fun-filled but intense experience crammed into five days and set in a beautiful location on top of Mount Tamborine. Last year I opted to teach songwriting skills but this year I stepped up to the position of vocal coach. Believe it or not I’ve never tried to teach vocal skills before … I like to think I rose to the challenge.

In the end I figured it’s more to do with enabling people to believe they have a right to find their confidence and gently steer them onto a path that garners deeper satisfaction, than it is to do with great “technique”; though (I surprised myself with this) we did attend to our (diaphragmatic) breath and discussed the idea that consistent, diligent practice really does bear fruit. Time will tell of course but I think we all understood the motivation and delight that even a little application can generate.“Trust in the process” is a maxim I encouraged everyone to embrace.

The Retreat started on Thursday evening and ended Monday afternoon, culminating in a rousing concert at a local theatre Sunday night where many of the participants performed on a large stage for the first time! I have to admit to being utterly exhausted by the time Monday came around, yet strangely enlivened at the same time. There’s something special about working in groups this way that’s hard to define and certainly I learned a great deal. Who knew? It’s got me thinking about creating short inspirational workshops centred around improved singing and building confidence on stage. Watch this space.

I was thrilled to sing a number of songs with Michael Fix who taught the guitar module – brilliantly – over the weekend. He’s an amazing musician. We’re very much looking forward to sharing the front room carpet at an afternoon house concert this coming Sunday. I’ve managed to persuade him to play on most of my set 🙂 … I can’t tell you how exciting it is to know his soulful expertise will enhance just about everything I do.

I also need to take the opportunity to mention John Baker here too. He taught songwriting skills during the day and treated us to his own astounding songs at The Mad Hatters cafe each night.When he and Michael played together, something magical happened; the electricity generated by their fabulous performances was off the charts! A sheer joy to witness.

I’ll share a snippet from my second workshop group with you … I took both classes to the look out at the top of the Mount where we practiced our socks off while being inspired by the wonderful view. Here’s my second group giving it their all … and a one and a two :


And finally … this week’s video/song selection incorporates footage of one of the beautiful sunsets on Mount Tamborine last weekend alongside Roddy Frames gorgeous song, “Hymn To Grace”, released on Into The Light way back in 2003. Enjoy.


Thanks as always for dropping by … see you next week when Blogposting will mostly be in Sydney with our gorgeous girls! Yay!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xxx

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