Jet-lag-lungs and Michael Bolton

Blogpost May 29th – Perth

Well well dear reader, this Blogpost is much later than I anticipated. After a great week of farewelling with family and friends on the tiny isle way back at the beginning of this month, Bob and I travelled half way across the planet to be with my brother Paul in Perth Australia. Within a day of arriving I was hit by jet-lag-lung-lurgy! For all the travelling we do I think we deal with the dangers of germ-infested flights remarkably well but sometimes … we fall.

I’ve still managed to enjoy being in the bosom of Paul’s lovely presence and enjoyed the comforts of his delightful home; I’ve even managed to walk several golf games with him and Bob (each time followed by a long lie-down) — all in the cause of recuperation you understand. But today is probably the first time since we arrived that I’ve felt anywhere near my usual self (did you notice that I managed to avoid saying normal?). We now have only a few days left before flitting off across the country to Brisbane.

Over the past few days I’ve been gearing myself up for Winter Break which begins next Thursday June 4th. Last year I was invited as one of the songwriting tutors but this year I’m stepping into the role of vocal coach! Eek! You’d think after spending the majority of my life singing around the planet that I’d be fairly confidant about the prospect. Turns out I’m nervous about it! The only thing I’ve done remotely like it was depping for Barb Jungr when she regularly taught at the Horniman Museum back in the late 90’s and then it was only a couple of hours with a large choir once or twice a week. Hey-ho. Part of me is actually excited and raring to go – thank goodness!

I’ve had fun watching youtube clips of bona fide vocal coaches giving free lessons online … snippets of, mostly, great advice. Ee but t’internet’s grand sometimes. I’ve also been making lists of possible songs to choose for group collaboration … I’m getting there. When all’s said and done it’s not about me at all; I figure after thirty years of singing professionally, providing I listen to the students well enough, I’ll find my own wisdom to share. Wish me luck!

I haven’t had anything like the kind of energy required for creative endeavours but I’m finally getting down to that now after a great pep talk with the inestimable Eric Maisel – a fountain of creative wisdom if ever there was one! All is well all shall be well.

One fabulous event I was well enough to attend without coughing all the way through, was a Michael Bolton concert in the city on Monday night – yes really! Thing is, he’s a good friend of Bob’s – they used to share the same taste in mid-80’s mullets and everything! I have no photographic evidence to prove that last statement  but you can imagine I’m sure. Anyway … we were privileged to receive all access passes for the show and spent time later that evening back at Michael’s (Mr Bolton to you!) hotel … drinking tea and eating cashew nuts into the wee small hours … so rock’n’roll! It was a great gig and he and Bob are very funny together. I had a brilliant night.

Thanks as ever for dropping by, not-to-mention your patience 🙂 you really are fab!

See you next week (ish) when I will in Brisbane or thereabouts.Love, light, peace and joy!
Christine x

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