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Blogpost – April 17th

Jet-lag is a funny old thing. Just when you think you’ve got it licked … it sneaks back round to whip your energy from under you! It’s a week since our long-haul experience and I think I might finally be coming round to Manx time. Actually I’m not sure there is such a thing! There’s a wonderful Manx Gaelic phrase that might help to illustrate that statement: “Traa dy liooar” which means: “Time enough”, is often used when people are late for just about anything. The inference being that Manx people (I am one of those rare breed btw) don’t pay much attention to someone else’s timetable. I think I may buck the trend a little though as I’m often early … especially when travel is the order of the day. Bob and I both love bouncing round the planet and part of the experience is getting to the airport (wherever it may be) super early – for long-haul flights we allow three hours minimum. We had over four at LAX last week but it means we have oodles of time for all the daftness of modern travel, especially that wonderful dance: security-checks-agogo.

Apart from that I’ve enjoyed the changing landscape and the mercurial ways of a British Isle’s springtime. Our first day back – last Saturday – was glorious. Bright blue sky with just a few scudding sculptural clouds and the gorse! Amazing. Daffodils, primroses, a few bluebells and dangling pussy-willows are in abundance. A pure joy to witness. On Sunday I met a dear friend for a walk in the south of the island only to be thwarted by horizontal rain and plummeting temperatures. We still enjoyed each other’s company and a hearty lunch at the Shore Hotel at Gansey Beach, followed with just a tiny outing to visit a Viking Burial ship. It feels good to be back.

Viking boat burial outlineIMG_0839

Bob is dealing with a cold but it seems to be passing quickly. I’ve heard it said that a spring cold is a clear sign of a great immune system! Way to go Bob.

There is not much to else to tell apart from our progress with time – can there even be such a thing? Actually Bob’s been fascinated by a video he found on FaceBook recently that tries to explain the Quantum Physics behind the idea that there is no time! If you can make sense of it perhaps you could explain it again for our benefit? I love the idea and the graphics with slices of bread and Aliens is genius but can I retain the information? That’ll be a “no” then. Here’s the clip for your edification:


Getting back into the rewrite is a slow process when time (remember it doesn’t exist Christine!) zones are crossed and bodies are slow to catch up but ruminating continues and the keyboard beckons more strongly each day. Wish me luck!

This week’s video/song is a mishmash of visuals … some images of our stay in Los Angeles and some of the Island as I try to integrate into the here and now coupled with the first songs Helen Watson and I ever collaborated on: Kicking In My Stall.

Thanks as always for dropping by. I really do appreciate your company. Till next time, take care.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x

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