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Blogpost April 6th

Aloha! Our trip to Catalina was a great experience and though the journey across to the island was cold, grey and bumpy, the clouds parted over Two Harbours and we enjoyed a couple of days relaxing in glorious sunshine with our friends Susan and Mike Slamer. The trip back to San Pedro was a very different affair … the ocean was perfect, the sky bright and beautiful and to top an already great weekend off, we saw two pods of dolphins which was utterly thrilling! I managed to capture some of the excitement on my GoPro and have used it for this week’s video; I chose Ashlands as the accompanying song co-written with Paul Dodgson for the Topic Records album Into The Light released in 2002/3.

Last Monday, refreshed and ready to create, I got together with our new friend Anikiko and started the process of writing a meditation track using her superior knowledge of binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies. I’m very excited by this possibility! We each had technical difficulties on the day but ploughed through none-the-less. We’re hoping to keep the creative juices flowing long distance and maybe finish what we started in Australia in a couple of months. How crazy is my life? Don’t answer that!

I’ve been connecting to the re-writing process daily but still feeling thwarted from time-to-time. When that happens I dive into the inspiration of books that talk about the creative process and try to catch the heat of their fire to restart my own. This past week I’ve found a great deal to be inspired by in a book I highlighted in a recent Blogpost: Write Your Novel From The Middle by James Scott Bell. So much insight and a wonderfully level headed approach, a real tonic to the panic that began to rise with my frustration.

I did actually make some progress on Friday and as that realisation dawned, the yoke of frustration I’d been dragging around with me all week, simply faded away and I was left with the heady feeling of accomplishment. There’s still a great deal to do but every time I make a breakthrough however small, I get closer to the vibrant energy that propels the story along and I get drawn into a deeper connection with writing.

Someone I highly recommend for writing inspiration is Natalie Goldberg. I’ve had a copy of her brilliant book Writing Down The Bones (and all her subsequent books) for 25 years. I recently found an audio version with the author herself reading it. In-between reciting her original words she talks with great humour and humility on how she feels about her process and practice then and now. I love her whiny New York accent and her total being-ness. Check her out if you haven’t already.

The Easter weekend/Bunny has come and gone and Bob and I are now gearing ourselves up to leaving the sunshine of California and heading back across the pond for spring on the Isle of Man, one of my favourite places to be at this (or any!) time of year. I’m looking forward to catching up with family and friends and reconnecting to the tiny Isle, walking the hills and glens of my magical homeland once more. I totally appreciate the fairytale essence of my life!

As an added bonus this week I’m sharing the final encore from the Society of Singers last month. It was a joy to do this Carly Simon classic and a whole lot of fun to boot. Nobody Does It Better


Thanks as always for dropping by and hope to see you the other side of the pond soon.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

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