Sadness, sunshine and solitude

Blogpost April 28th Sometimes life fires a hard edged rock and you simply can’t dodge it. This past week or so has been punctuated by more than one such unwanted, unexpected missiles. A dear friend’s father died out of the blue and no one saw it coming. The loss is felt deeply. A relatively young... Continue Reading →

Colder than California!

Blogpost - April 17th Jet-lag is a funny old thing. Just when you think you’ve got it licked … it sneaks back round to whip your energy from under you! It’s a week since our long-haul experience and I think I might finally be coming round to Manx time. Actually I’m not sure there is... Continue Reading →

Delighted by Dolphins!

Blogpost April 6th Aloha! Our trip to Catalina was a great experience and though the journey across to the island was cold, grey and bumpy, the clouds parted over Two Harbours and we enjoyed a couple of days relaxing in glorious sunshine with our friends Susan and Mike Slamer. The trip back to San Pedro... Continue Reading →

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