Promises, promises.

Blogpost March 27th

Life is full of promises that don’t always come to pass and for us last weekend, Catalina got lost in the Pacific Ocean’s mercurial tendency to create six foot swells which – according to our man who knows – is no fun at all for those wishing to take a pleasant trip to relax. So … this weekend extends another promise and – according to the same man who knows – the weather and the wave’s it affects, is looking perfect!

Apart from that all other promises were kept I think? Rehearsals were had – two if you’d like to know – and excitement bloomed the closer we got to Monday night’s delightful experience. There are iPhone photos and video footage courtesy of our great friend Marianne – if not uploaded staright away I’ll attempt to add them over the weekend. Promise 🙂

Cafe Cordiale is a wonderful place whose doors close forever in May! Bob and I met one of the owners before sound check, a gorgeous woman called Margaret who’s youthful looks and sparkling eyes belied her 78 years on the planet! She and her husband have run this restaurant-come- jazz venue for thirty of those years and it’s now time for some fun. Our show was the last fundraiser here for the Society of Singers and I have to say, it was a humdinger!

Cafe Cordiale 1Cafe Cordiale 2Cafe Cordiale 3Cafe Cordiale 4

I started the evening with two songs on my own then invited Mike Slamer to join me for a rendition of one of our co-writes, then brought Alan Maggini up for a juicy blues before bringing the band up to play the rest of the night. Here’s the set-list though it doesn’t begin to give you the essence of the atmosphere that was generated – I wish we could have bottle it! It was so much fun!


You Can’t Stand Up Alone – Martha Carson VIDEO HERE!

Lonely by Design – Collister/Cross

You’ll Never Know – Collister/Slamer

Love Me Like A Man – Chris Smither

Golden Years – David Bowie

Morning Light – Collister

Going Back – Goffin/King

Skin and Bones – Mike joined us for this too – Collister/Slamer

Say You Don’t Mind – Denny Laine

We Spoke Today – Collister

River Deep Mountain High – Spector/ Barry/Greenwich


She’s Leaving Home – Lennon/MaCartney VIDEO HERE!

And finally:

Nobody Does It Better – Simon/Hamlisch/Bayer Sager

The whole evening was a joy and I am totally in awe of the musicians who gave so much of their time and talent to support me. David Jenkins, Rob Laufer, Jordan Summers and Rusty Squeezebox ROCKED the house and some. Add to that the audience’s jubilant response and you have one very happy, humble singer. Life is good – promises or not!

Yesterday Bob and I drove down to San Marcos near Carlsbad and stayed in a very lovely hotel near the lake and today visited the beautiful gardens of the Self Realisation Fellowship in Encinitas before meeting friends round the corner for a catch up. It’s all gorgeous and to say I feel blessed is a ridiculous understatement.


This week’s music/video uses footage of our walk through the gardens in Encinitas and the song isWaiting Fir My Prayer for no particular reason 🙂 VIDEO HERE!

In other news I made a big breakthrough in my approach to the major rewrite of my book this morning! A simple idea that makes everything else work, dropped into my head while I was meditating. I know … that all sounds so Californian right?! Whod-a-thunk a wee Manx woman could travel so far in one life? There’s something to be said for meditation, sunshine and a good night’s rest.

So now it’s Friday afternoon and we have to motor on down to San Pedro Marina to catch our ride across to Catalina – it’s actually happening! Yay. I shall bring my camera and try to snap a few beautiful creatures there and back … I can’t promise you though 🙂 xxx

Videos may take a little time to be uploaded so please drop back and try the links again over the weekend? Thanks!

Thanks as ever for dropping by and hope to see y’all next week!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

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