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Blogpost for March 17th

I totally forgot Mother’s Day was Sunday (March 15th) in the UK … where my mother is! I think it’s in May over here in the States so there are no gaudy reminders in the shops nor tv ads to drill the information into my forgetful brain! Lucky for me my mum knows I love her, so when I called on Monday with belated wishes for Mother’s Day … she was perfectly OK … phew!

The creative process continues. I’ve bought several interesting ebooks on various ways to tackle story telling; all of them interesting and useful. Here are three examples of what I’ve been looking at: The Snowflake Method – by Randy Ingermanson; The First Five Pages – by Noah Lukeman and Write Your Novel From the Middle – by James Scott Bell. There is a sense of light heartedness to the first and third books and a solid dependability to the second book that appeals to me. I dip in and out of them as and when I need a little extra input. It’s hard to say what it is about any of these tools that really makes a difference but I’m willing to give anything a go right now. The more I move into this realm of gathering what I’ve already created and turning it on it’s head in order to find gold … the more I wonder what possessed me to begin in the first place! How have I got myself to this place so far? It’s a miracle and a complete mystery and I still don’t know if it will work once I’ve restructured everything. But … I’ve gotten this far … I’m ready to see it through to a better, brighter, tighter more exciting conclusion! There I’ve said.

I have a rehearsal with the band tomorrow for our extra charity gig next Monday and a trip to Catalina Island planned with our great friends Susan and Mike Slamer this coming weekend.

This morning I met with Australian singer songwriter Anikika who has a great sound and a diverse selection of electronic dance music, meditation/healing tracks and pop songs to her name, as well as a great Kinesiology practice which I’m really intrigued by. I love most alternative approaches to health and well being so I find the prospect of finding a mutual creative streak very interesting. We’ve arranged to get together on Thursday morning to see what we might drum up musically. I’ve mentioned wanting to create meditation/healing music songs and tracks and this is a great opportunity to move forward in that direction. She knows all about Solfeggio tones and binaural/brain entrainment beats which really excites me. So watch this space and see how far into the stratosphere we can take each other and hopefully … you with us.

This week’s Video/Song is a nod in the chanting direction. Many of you will know that I have a love of Kundalini yoga and meditation which I’ve been consistently practicing for nearly three years – who knew? So, as an experiment in using the Solfeggio tone approach, I’ve recorded my own version of a 31 minute meditation I’ve committed to doing for 1000 days in a row … I’m at 818 as of today! I’m not giving you the full 31 minutes (thank goodness you cry!) but this 3 minute 47 seconds snippet is taken from the end of that longer version … Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo translates to something like this: To that great creative force so vast so wide so beautiful, I bow, to the highest teachers, Angels, Archangels, infuse me with your joy and wisdom.


And here we must part but only for a week. Things to look forward to for next week’s Blogpost … rehearsals, Island hopping which could include dolphins and whales! Plus the show itself and all manner of fun in between. And a little reminder for those who’d like to come to the Society of Singers fundraiser on Monday (March 23rd) here’s how to book your seats:

Christina Collister

Thanks as always for dropping by. Till next we meet.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x

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