Promises, promises.

Blogpost March 27th Life is full of promises that don’t always come to pass and for us last weekend, Catalina got lost in the Pacific Ocean’s mercurial tendency to create six foot swells which - according to our man who knows - is no fun at all for those wishing to take a pleasant trip to... Continue Reading →

Creating chill chants

Blogpost for March 17th I totally forgot Mother’s Day was Sunday (March 15th) in the UK … where my mother is! I think it’s in May over here in the States so there are no gaudy reminders in the shops nor tv ads to drill the information into my forgetful brain! Lucky for me my mum... Continue Reading →

Charity gigs R US

Blogpost March 10th Last Monday I received an invitation from my good friend Susan Slamer who, despite her incredibly busy life, works in her own time with an organisation called The Society of Singers here in LA. They were established in 1989 to offer a helping hand to singers down on their luck and have... Continue Reading →

Autism Think Tank is AWESOME!

Blogpost Monday March 2nd Greetings from a damp and soggy Los Angeles. Despite the rain we’ve had an exciting and heart warming time since Bob and I arrived mid afternoon on Wednesday Feb 25th, after a trouble-free long haul flight from London Heathrow. The British Airway's double decker (Airbus 380?) morning flight was less than half full,... Continue Reading →

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