Bungling blunders and beautiful landscapes

Blogpost Feb 22nd 2015

Where to begin dear Reader? Bob and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Friday February 13th. We treated ourselves to a night at the Sefton Hotel in Douglas who have a fabulous Winter Break offer (weekends till March 29th). We opted for a night in one of their gorgeous suites and enjoyed all the luxury it had to offer. Seriously, it’s well worth it!

After the roller-coaster ride a few short weeks ago, of losing my Laptop en route from Perth Australia to the Isle of Man and then, miraculously  tracking it down to Dubai airport’s Lost and Found and then being reunited with it only last week; I somehow managed to break it entirely (eek!) when I spilled water over the keyboard last Sunday! Add that incident to last spring’s spectacular accident, where I not only managed to break the very same laptop but also broke the screen of my iPad in one foul move; you’d be justified in thinking – given that (generally) actions speak louder than words – I didn’t appreciate or care very much about my Macbook Pro. It’s simply not true! I love and deeply appreciate the gadgets in my creative life – honest I do! Yet my clumsy actions would, (I’d just like to press the point home a little more here: WRONGLY!) lead a person to the opposite conclusion.

It just goes to show that one’s judgments of another’s precarious and various weird misdemeanours aren’t always as accurate as we might suppose. It has been said – more than once since the terrible deed –  that I: “…obviously wanted a new laptop!” I can not answer that question with any certainty dear Reader but I can say that I am incredibly grateful for the new machine that now allows me to write these very words and create music/videos for your – hopeful – enjoyment, not only this week but for many weeks into the future!

Not having access to a laptop recently, has forced me to do research for the third major rewrite of my fantasy novel: A Map Of Stones. I had planned starting this creative overhaul as soon as I got back from my Antipodean adventures. Well that, in no uncertain terms, went right out the window … several times! I have NO excuses now. Writing commences this week!

In the frustration of being without my main creative tool, I have found the delights and wonders of Pintrest – using my trusty iPad – who knew? Take a look at my boards: HERE and why not create your own? It’s really good fun. I have a Board called Story Telling; Inspiration (mostly gorgeous photos of beautiful places); Singing Inspiration – with an eye to teaching people to be more confident as singers (yes really!); another for Crop Circles (I’m fascinated by all things esoteric), Health is Wealth and short haircuts … why not? I’ve found the whole process really helpful. I’ve discovered some great articles, photos and snippets of information especially around being creative, that I truly appreciate. I will try to let you in on the rewriting process as I get to it and perhaps inspire you to have a go yourself? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Watch this space and see what progress we make …

I am busy learning several Beatle’s tunes for this year’s upcoming charity concert in support of Autism Think Tank which takes place: Saturday February 28th. I’m excited to be singing a duet this year with the fabulous Ian Matthews! We once sang Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock at Fairport Convention’s festival, Cropredy – many moons ago. I’m delighted by the prospect of singing with him again, and thrilled to be reunited with my good friends David Jenkins, Rob Laufer and the event’s delightful leader: Mr Paul Rock. I hope those of you in and around Glendale will join us all at the ALEX THEATRE next weekend?

This week’s video/song “Mercury”, is taken from “Into The Light” released in 2003 (I think?!) and was written by Bobby Williams, a fellow Manxie, who I used to baby sit! Well he’s all growd-up now! The images are photos and video taken over the past week on iPhone, Gopro and my Lumix Panasonic (DMC-FZ50). Now you know everything! Video: HERE!

Next week’s blogging extravaganza will be coming from Los Angeles! I will attempt to capture the excitement of the Wild Honey Event and share that delight with you then.

I uploaded a few photos of the Island on Flickr recently; you’ll find them HERE!

Thanks as always for dropping by and see you next week.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x

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