Voices, visions and Valentine’s

I started writing this Blogpost on January 29th in the sweltering summer heat of Perth Australia and I’m finishing it February 10th in the chill of a winter’s evening on the Isle of Man. That’s a lot of miles and too many degrees C to contemplate for this weary traveller but hey-ho and there we go.

We travelled home last week leaving Perth at 17.50 Monday Feb 2nd and arrived in Heathrow at 6.20am Tuesday February 3rd after traveling for 21 hours – time travel exists dear reader! It was a further 10 hours before we boarded our final flight from City Airport to Ronaldsway in the Isle of Man. As I was going through security for the umpteenth time, I discovered I’d lost my laptop! I won’t draw out the agony here but am happy to tell you I’m only able to finish this Blogpost because my laptop and I have been reunited this very day! Hurrah for diligent Emirate’s ground staff at Dubai and then Dublin airport for making everything better!

So as not to lose the flavour of our Antipodean adventures I’ll post what I’d already written then finish off with a little update and some thoughts about the coming weekend, which for me has particular significance!

Here’s what I wrote January 29th:

I’ve been staying with my brother Paul since Friday. He lives in Perth at a gorgeous spot not far from the northern suburb of Joondalup: Mindarie Keys. Mum and Dad came out to stay with him at the beginning of December and will be returning to the Island with us next Monday. Now you know everything!

Mum and Dad love coming to see him but have found the weather this time round a a real challenge. The difference in climate from the east coast is quite marked. First of all it’s much drier and generally a little (some times a lot!) hotter. For instance today it’s well into the mid 30Cs (Sydney was 20Cs) and yesterday it was in the 40Cs! There’s also been a major bushfire scare just twenty kilometres away (very close to one that raged for three days a couple of weeks ago). It felt a great deal closer as the smell of smoke was very strong even here plus, the huge black cloud emanating from the epicentre could be clearly seen from Paul’s balcony. And yet … it’s a lovely place to live. Paul moved out here 9 years ago and despite some very difficult times he wouldn’t live in the northern hemisphere again. Me? I love being able to visit … I get the best of many worlds. Apart from the high summer temperatures and bush fires, Perth is the most isolated city on the planet … and I’m very aware of that. It’s a feeling for me as well as a measurable fact. Strange huh?

I remember coming out here to perform in 1999 (ouch! Long time ago). I was living in a Short-Life Cooperative flat on the edge of a very dodgy estate in Islington at the time. The place was marked for renovation and the buildings around me were being pulled down to make way for a more open planned housing estate. I kept my curtains closed the whole time so I could ignore the cranes and bulldozers slowly eating up the houses around me. I’d moved in in January 1998 just as I embarked on recording The Dark Gift of Time a memorable time all round. It was March 1999 before the tour started and I couldn’t wait to get to Australia! Once I was here I was thrilled to feel the immense space of the land. I was able to see more clearly how my life in London had become claustrophobic, how I’d gradually shut myself off from possibility in a big way. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I moved around this enormous country and relished the joy of playing at various festivals as I went. The experience was wonderful and gave me real insight into the way I was living in London which in turn gave me the impetus to change things when I got back.

Funny how life twists and turns us around. It all changed for me when I met Bob in 2000. Life has been altogether sweeter since then.

And here we are back to the future on Tuesday February 10th. It’s rather lovely that I should have chosen to mention the beginning of Bob and I’s connection in the previous piece, as this Friday – February 13th – is our fifth wedding anniversary! Amid the commercial hype that purports to celebrate love and all it’s myriad entanglements, we will quietly but sincerely celebrate our delightful partnership the day before Valentine’s Day.

As a nod to that fact this week’s song is “An Equal Love” – inspired by our fortuitous meeting and the title of the first Topic album I released in 2001 … image-wise will be a raggle-taggle mix of our days in Perth and then some smiley memories of our wedding day … it was FUN! Take a look at one of our more irreverent moments: HERE!

And you’ll find this week’s music/video: An Equal Love – HERE!

I also want to share this video from the Grammies who between them comprise the “Voices” in this week’s Blogpost title… Hozier and Annie Lennox it’s FAB, they are FAB; it’s: HERE!

Thanks as ever for dropping by and hope to see you again next week. Till then … take care.

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x

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