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Blogpost past and present – Goodbye 2014 and welcome 2015!

Happy new everything dear reader. I trust your Christmas and New Year celebrations were all you envisioned. Mine were … wonderful! I’ve slipped back into old habits of not keeping up with myself here on’t’interweb but from now on I forge ahead keeping not only myself but you also, up to date with life the universe and everything, on a regular weekly (perhaps bi-weekly?) cycle. I can but try.

 Gorgeousness personified!Must be love!New Year madness DeewhyDouble bubbleLittle maids all in a row

It’s a natural process to gaze back over the year as another approaches the starting block and I have to say, on the whole, 2014 was a good one for me. Having circumnavigated the planet three times in just over twelve months I feel incredibly blessed with the life that continues to unfold, especially over the past few years. 2015 still stretches ahead with unknown adventures just on the horizon and I wonder what delights await?

Last week was spent on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts just above and below Brisbane, as we caught up with family and friends who live in those beautiful parts of the country. We chose to drive there and back … what an adventure! In the UK or US driving 1000 kilometres would take far less time, as faster roads allow for a speedier passage. For instance, an hour and a half or thereabouts, outside Sydney heading north, the four lane Highway peters out into what could generously be called an A road … at times becoming more of a B road with intermittent passing lanes! So there is ample time to stop and smell the eucalyptus trees or the Ocean breeze. And the coastline is spectacular!

Norah Head LighthouseNorah Heads splash!

We broke the journey there and back with a night in Port Macqaurie – just about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. On the outbound trip we fancied brunch back en route to Brisbane and stopped in what looked like the perfect place about 50 kilometres north of Port Macquarie in a little town called Kempsey. Dear reader if you ever think of stopping off for a bite to eat in this small not-so-perfectly-formed town … the ONLY place worth contemplating that we gratefully stumbled upon is a health food store-cum- cafe with exceptional fresh and delicious food. DIVERSITY is an oasis in an otherwise deserted culinary spot! Unless you like pies … and chips with everything! Having said that I just checked online and saw a number of other “alternative” organic, fresh food type places in the area but if you simply drive into town – as we did – and park up then walk through the town centre? Not-so-much!

Our reason for heading north was to meet up with family and friends … and there are so many in this area now! First stop was to see Bob’s lovely nephew Peter, his gorgeous wife Janet and their ever growing son(he’s so tall now!) Harrison. They recently moved from Tauranga NZ to Hollywell on the Gold Coast – a stone’s throw from Surfer’s Paradise . They are living in paradise for sure! It was so great to catch up on all they’re doing. We couldn’t be more proud.

Next stop we drove a little further in land to Cashmere in the north west suburbs of Brisbane to stay with my great friend Angela Hryniuk (we’ve known one another 30 years!) and her fab hubby Stephen Seaton. We had the luxury of three day’s worth of their company. Angela was very busy with her inspirational work but we still managed to squeeze in some quality time together … I can’t believe we didn’t get at least one photo! Steve very generously took over the roll of tourist guide and drove us all over the area and on up to the Sunshine coast and Noosa Heads where he and Angela got married in 2012. I was their maid of honour! It was a treat to return to the scene of the crime and reminisce though Angela was definitely missed!

A little something for the weekend?Full Moon over Paradise PointNossa fairy orbs!Stephen Seaton overjoyed to be back at the site of his marriage to my gorgeous friend Angela Hryniuk in 2012! I was there then too!Noosa Beach

I was thrilled to be able to grab a coffee with a friend I’ve only communicated with online at the Oasis on en*theos (a truly wonderful and exceptionally positive social network I LOVE). Stephanie lives in Brisbane and it seemed wrong not to make our connection more personal. So we did! Hurrah.

Delightful friend Stephanie from en*theos

We were lucky enough to spend an extra night with Pete, Janet and Harrison before meeting up with dear friends who once lived on the Isle of Man and now live four hours north of Brisbane. They were able to make it down to see us on Sunday morning before we headed south once more. Vivienne and Kevin Leary are delightful people we miss! It was great to grab a hug or three before we and they had to leave. It’s great having friends and family dotted around the planet but it means we don’t get nearly enough time with them. C’est la vie.

We are now into the last week of our stay in Sydney enjoying sunshine, giggles and fun with our gorgeous girls. These are precious moments I prize greatly. There is much to be thankful for.

During the Christmas whirlwind I let go of some of my daily creative practices and was glad to feel their absence. It’s actually a great reminder of their worth. I am now back at it! There are several plans in the pipeline to create music this year and finish another book while still tweaking book I and the search for a literary agent continues. My first musical foray will be as one of the many singing guests at my third charity concert for Autism Think Tank in LA at the end of February. They’re moving to Glendale this year to the wonderful Alex Theatre and tackling The Beatle’s White Album – with a few singles from the same time frame thrown in for good measure. I’m very excited to be a part of this wonderful event. As a reminder of how well these concerts are produced here’s a link to my small part in last year’s performance:VIDEO HERE!

OK for now I’ll leave you with the first song/video for 2015 …. I’ve thrown together a smorgasbord of images from Christmas/New Year and our road trip up north accompanied by “A Kinder Heart” a song I co-wrote with the fabulous Barb Jungr. The song was released in 2002 on “Into The Light”. VIDEO HERE!

Thanks as always for dropping by … see you next week!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

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