Come clean it’s Blogpost 15.

Blogpost No 15

It’s been quite a week! The first Bob and I knew of the awful situation in Sydney on Monday, came from a text out of the blue from Bob’s nephew Peter. He and his family now live in Brisbane but he’s visiting his mum at Mount Maunganui NZ and caught the lunchtime news. Pete’s message had us reaching out to family here to make sure they were far from the scene (thankfully Jo and Mike were nowhere near). As we waited for responses to emails and texts we turned on the tv and watched transfixed and disbelieving as the story unfolded.

We woke next day to the awful outcome. There are no words. We send love and light to those affected – family and friends not only of the two brave souls whose live’s were ended but all the hostages and their communities. To the whole of Sydney. To every one of us. May peace find us. May love guide us.

Time is relentless … Christmas is coming! We have yet to buy anyone anything! Monday will see us running round Warringah Mall … looking for puzzles, books and anything fun for the girls. They’re three and a half exactly tomorrow – (Dec 21st!) – perfect for all the excitement that can be had from our gorgeous twin girls!

They stayed at our garden apartment last Saturday night … the first time ever they’ve stayed  away from mum and dad (or – more importantly – mum and dad away from them!). The honour didn’t pass us by! We walked along Curl Curl beach after dinner and counted 16 stranded blue jelly fish! Tonight – one week later – they’re here again. Fast asleep tucked up in a single bed toe-to-toe. I can’t begin to tell you the joy in my heart!

I’ll leave it there for now and wish you all a delightful Christmas with those you love.

Thanks as always for taking the time to drop by. I really do appreciate it!

I send you endless blessings of love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

PS: Here for your aural and visual delight … a music video of  the amazing waves between Curl Curl and Deewhy beach … and a fabulous walk Bob and I took between the two only yesterday! VIDEO HERE!

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