Blogpost No 15 It’s been quite a week! The first Bob and I knew of the awful situation in Sydney on Monday, came from a text out of the blue from Bob’s nephew Peter. He and his family now live in Brisbane but he's visiting his mum at Mount Maunganui NZ and caught the lunchtime news. Pete's message... Continue Reading →

There’s nothing mean about Blogpost 14

There's nothing mean about Blogpost 14 A little hiatus dear reader while we settle into yet another country … I know you missed me really 🙂 I’ll keep these next few Blogposts brief as everyone is super busy with Christmas coming. Ho-ho-ho! We are now ensconced in a gorgeous little garden apartment a stone’s throw... Continue Reading →

Blogpost 13 is very keen!

Blogpost thirteen is very keen! Since last we met dear reader Bob and I have moved to the bottom of the earth. Bob’s sister Christine and her husband Ken (93!) have lived in Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty New Zealand for 8 years and this must be our 7th or 8th visit! We count ourselves... Continue Reading →

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