Delve into Blogpost No12

Let’s delve into Blogpost No 12

It’s been a fairly frenetic week as we gear ourselves up to leave LA (tonight!) and head to the southern hemisphere. Our flight leaves LAX at 23.50 … 14 hours later we’ll be – albeit briefly – in Brisbane before hopping over to Aukland New Zealand on Sunday afternoon! But I’m getting ahead of myself … before we even step on a plane there’s stuff to catch you up with!

Last Thursday evening we gathered together with family and friends to celebrate the life of a truly special woman: Zizi Nassour. Zizi was our dear friend Marianne’s, extraordinary mother. For the last 6 years of her life she lived with frontal, temporal dementia and when we met her – 18 months ago – she was already way down the road of this dreadful condition.

However, Zizi was always giggling. Bob and I were totally smitten with her from the moment we met and she trusted us – an honour that touched us deeply. Of course we are great friends with Marianne and know that her amazing care and dedication allowed Zizi to live the last years of her life with fun and dignity even when there was truly very little to be had.

So on Thursday we shared our collected adventures with Zizi; funny stories; heart warming experiences there was much to laugh about and we shed a few tears too. We also indulged in sharing great food – something she would have appreciated. Bob and I were able to tell her lifelong friends how, even though the Zizi they knew and loved was no longer visible to them – her speech and mobility were very impaired the last year especially – that she still had the capacity to generate love and joy and that she had a very positive and powerful influence on us. I played a short video of Marianne and Zizi dancing to Egyptian pop music from the fifties – her favourite apparently – to show the lighter side of the last months of her existence. It was a beautiful night. Rest in peace Zizi – we love you still.

On Friday Marianne invited Bob and I to spend the weekend with her at a spa Hotel in Desert Palms – what’s not to like?! We tracked down a deal online and felt excited to be going to a beautiful place to relax. The hotel wasn’t exactly as we’d pictured it … however … the rooms were nicely decorated and the swimming pool filled with spring water directly from natural hot springs. We drove into Palm Springs for dinner Friday night – all good. Then Saturday morning Marianne had booked us massages! I had a fabulous hot stone massage with our delightful masseuse Darlene. She turned out to be a revelation. Incredibly sensitive and knowledgable and a sweet, sweet woman. It was a fun weekend and we all definitely relaxed.

On Wednesday evening I had the chance to perform some of the songs learnt especially for the Autism Think Tank show in October. This time we were a small but perfectly formed trio: Myself, David Jenkins on bass and Rob Laufer on acoustic guitar. The Firefly Bistro in Pasadena has been home to an acoustic music evening for the last few years. It’s a delightful set-up with a casual atmosphere, good food and wine and some cracking music. Rob did a short set of his own – he’s so good! We did Going Back; Morning Light; Say you Don’t Mind and We Spoke Today for our first set and Golden Years; She’s Leaving Home and River Deep Mountain High for our second … and were enthused into another rendition of Dancing Queen for a daft  encore. It was such a treat to play one more time this trip.

Since then we’ve been meeting up with friends to say goodbye … but we’ll be back! I don’t know if there will be a video at all this week as I’m still not packed and we leave in a couple of hours! Let’s see how we go …

See you next week when I will be mostly reporting from the bottom of the world!

Thanks as always fro dropping by. Till next time … take care 🙂

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

PS: Posted several days later and now at the bottom of the world – Mount Maunganui North Island New Zealand! This Blogpost’s VIDEO IS HERE!

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