Viewing heaven it’s Blogpost No11!

Ooh heaven it’s Blogpost No 11

The last week has flowed seamlessly from one exciting event to another and it just keeps coming. Last Thursday evening Bob and I were invited to a secret gig that featured our delightfully talented friend Julia Harriman. It really is top secret what she’s involved with but needless to say it is superb! I can tell you there’s an incredibly hot jazz band involved and she is the vocalist but more than that I’m not allowed (at present) to divulge. The venue is so cool that it doesn’t have a name and entry is by invite only. We did not feel as cool as the rest of the gathered patrons and yet … they let us in! Oh to be part of the In Crowd … nah! It’s not for me but … Julia is most definitely in!

Friday and Saturday last week were given over entirely to Mike Slamer who performed miracles on some of our co written songs in order to bring them to some highly influential persons on a very popular tv series that might … just might … be interested in using them for a very respected series! Any and all positive vibes you feel like sending our way will be gratefully received!

I had hoped to attend one of Stewart Pearce‘s Angel workshops on Saturday afternoon but studio plans scuppered that possibility, however, I did enjoy a scrumptious lunch with him on Sunday and soaked up his delightful presence as we caught up on life, the universe and everything. Stewart and I met in August when he came to the Isle of Man to present one of his vocal workshops and we got on like the proverbial house on fire. I’m determined to experience his more esoteric workshops before too long.He and his work are simply amazing!

On Tuesday evening Bob was invited by our great friend  Susan Slamer to be one of four guest speakers at a California copyright control event. I had the pleasure of being in the audience. Bob’s fellow speakers were an illustrious bunch: Val Garey (engineer and record producer extraordinaire); Jerry Heller and Butch Stone – two men who have LIVED the high life and love to talk about it! Amazing pedigree and experience between them who have worked with every iconic pop and rock artists over the last 50 years! The stories they told afterwards on the hotel bar were – hair raising to say the least! Just so you know … Bob more than held his own at the main event. Just sayin’ 🙂

I had a brief but altogether lovely rehearsal with David Jenkins and Rob Laufer in preparation for our guest spot at the Firefly in Pasadena next Wednesday night. A small acoustic gathering in a delightful bistro type restaurant that takes place once a week. It would be rude not to right? It will be our last chance to have musical fun before Bob and I leave for pastures down under. Looking forward to revisiting David Bowie and Tina Turner classics in a more acoustic style. Wish us luck!

I feel that’s more than enough for one week. Next time will have tales of a special gathering in memory of Marianne’s gorgeous mum Zizi Nassour; a delightful woman who made Bob and I smile. We’re off to the Desert today for a weekend of uber relaxation and fun. We may have time to go to Joshua Tree national park … I’ll make sure my camera’s charged and ready to roll.

This week’s featured musical/visual treat is found on Rod Bowkett’s website. We wrote “Lighter Than Air’ which was released on “Love” at least 10 years ago now. Gulp! The original demo entitled”A Heron Cries” can be found HERE complete with animation 🙂 you just have to scroll down to the fourth song on the left. Enjoy!

Thanks as always for dropping by and hope to see you next week.

Till next time … love, light, peace and joy!

Christine x

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