Blogpost No10 – say again!

Blogpost No10 – say again!

I trust you had a great week dear reader. I’ve been all over the place hanging out with some fabulous people of my acquaintance. I have to admit, I took a few days of rest after the whirlwind of the previous week; it helps that the sun’s been shining!

On Thursday Bob and I were invited to the Blue Whale in downtown LA to see a wonderful Jazz artist Sara Gazarek, managed by great friends of ours: Jeff and Nelly Neben at Axis Management. Sara is a great singer with wonderful control. She’s currently writing and performing with her long time collaborator and exceptional piano player: Josh Nelson. The venue is lovely and perfectly suited to intimate performances like Sara and Josh’s. They played an eclectic mix of more contemporary songs including a Nick Drake track, interspersed with classic Jazz standards. What’s not to like? They’re embarking on a Pledge Music campaign … check it out: HERE.

Friday was Halloween of course and we were invited to our lovely friends the Harriman’s in Sherman Oaks for a scrumptious dinner and great company. They said “no dressing up required” so we took them at their word (we were dressed! Just not in costume) … then found them all dressed up! Darn it I could have been a fairy all over again! Throughout the evening the doorbell would ring and Tom answered holding a huge bowl of chocolates/candy for the various witches, goblins and ghouls who dared ring the bell. One 5 year old ghoul said: “What … no snickers?” made us laugh.

Of course on the Isle of Man when I was growing up we didn’t celebrate Halloween and there was no trick or treating. We celebrated HOP TU NAA and sang about Jinnie The Witch as we stood on our neighbour’s doorsteps with our scooped out turnip lanterns – oh what a time we had!

My mother’s gone away
And she won’t be back until the morning
Jinnie the Witch flew over the house
To fetch the stick to lather the mouse
My mother’s gone away
And she won’t be back until the morning
Turnip lanterns al la Hop Tu Naa
These are very fancy!
Even these are better than the ones I remember making!
Even these are better than the ones I remember making!

Saturday brought us up to Mike and Sue Slamer’s delightful home in Santa Clarita for more fun, food and musical frolics. No I’m not elaborating on any of it … though the beef dinner was excellent – as was the company!

Let’s leap forward to Tuesday shall we? A full on day. Bob and I were to meet Mike across town at a certain tv studio Lot … I’m keeping the mystery value as long as possible! The drive should have taken 30 minutes but we allowed an hour and a half … have you ever driven in LA? Guess what? It took an hour and forty five minutes to get where we wanted to be! There are no words. The special event we were invited to attend … turned out brilliantly! I shall say no more – until I can 🙂 no! My lips are sealed!

OK so using some of the daft Halloween footage I took around Marianne’s neighbourhood this week’s musical video treat (or trick?) I’m using a song written with my great friend Christy DeHaven released on Feminine Logic a few years ago. Get up! Video HERE!

I’m still trying to procure better footage of the Autism Think Tank gig to share with you … soon!

Thanks as always for dropping by.

Till next time.

Love, light, peace and joy!
Christine x 🙂 ❤

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