Delve into Blogpost No12

Let’s delve into Blogpost No 12 It's been a fairly frenetic week as we gear ourselves up to leave LA (tonight!) and head to the southern hemisphere. Our flight leaves LAX at 23.50 ... 14 hours later we'll be - albeit briefly - in Brisbane before hopping over to Aukland New Zealand on Sunday afternoon!... Continue Reading →

Viewing heaven it’s Blogpost No11!

Ooh heaven it's Blogpost No 11 The last week has flowed seamlessly from one exciting event to another and it just keeps coming. Last Thursday evening Bob and I were invited to a secret gig that featured our delightfully talented friend Julia Harriman. It really is top secret what she's involved with but needless to... Continue Reading →

Blogpost No10 – say again!

Blogpost No10 - say again! I trust you had a great week dear reader. I’ve been all over the place hanging out with some fabulous people of my acquaintance. I have to admit, I took a few days of rest after the whirlwind of the previous week; it helps that the sun’s been shining! On... Continue Reading →

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