Weekly Blogpost No9 – right on time :-)

Weekly Blogpost No9 – right on time 🙂

Well it’s been a busy and exciting week dear reader. If there was a theme (and actually there were several) rehearsing was definitely it. On Tuesday I went to a rehearsal for a Halloween party … Mike and Sue Slamer put on a brilliant party at their home in Santa Clarita each year. Apart from the fabulous food and liberal libations on offer, Mike puts together a great band of his ridiculously talented friends who together play a perfect party set, full of great Rock’n’Roll anthem songs. This year I duetted on Honky Tonk Women … the rehearsal for which was – shall we say – a raucous affair! No … dear reader I won’t be spilling the beans … some things are meant to remain a mystery But you should probably know that George Michael didn’t fair well 🙂

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening – the latter ending at 1am – were set aside to play through the songs for the Wild Honey/Autism Think Tank extravaganza which took place the day after the Slamer’s party (timing is everything). I’m not the nightbird I once was but rehearsing with David Jenkins, Rob Laufer, Jordan Summers and Rusty Squeeze was great fun and I didn’t have to get up super early on Friday so I rolled right along with the musical excitement.

Apart from my daily practice of writing and learning more about the process set out in Eric Maisel’s fabulous book: Life Purpose Boot Camp … much of my time was spent trying to remember lyrics … some successfully, others not-so-much. Thank goodness for technology and the advent of an iPad holder that neatly attaches to a mic stand!

Mike and Sue’s party always has a fancy dress theme and this year it was Super Heroes. Bob and I kind of winged it (literally in my case!) by going to a “Party City” store where we grabbed a couple of daft costumes off their ridiculously abundant shelves. Bob got an Indiana Jones hat and whip! And I … took the opportunity to become a fairy! Type casting I know. It was incredibly liberating to spray purple dye in my hair and grow wings! The party was great fun and filled with a wonderful array of strangely clad people. My favourite costume was Mystique from X-Men by Julia Harriman … the make-up was brilliant! It helps that she’s utterly gorgeous of course. My other favourite was Alan Maggini who played guitar in the band dressed as Lincoln! Never failed to bring a grin to my face every time he played a blistering solo … so incongruous … a touch of genius!

Blue Fairy IMG_0344Julia Harriman is Mystique!Heroes? mmm?

Sunday came round very quickly. I drove over to Paul Rock’s for 1pm to sound check; Bob and Marianne drove over in time to watch the whole show – bless them. It was scorching hot! Luckily by the time we got to play – around 5pm – the sun had kindly moved enough that we were drenched in shade … it was still hot all the same. Now in England we have tents to keep off the rain … well here in California, they use tents to ward of the blazing sun – funny huh?

The afternoon’s entertainment began at 3pm -ish- Sarah Kramer opened the show with a solo set including vocals, electric guitar, trumpet and sax! Followed by our very own Rob Laufer who not only played guitars and sang – brilliantly – but who also had Jordan, Rusty and David join him for most of the set and … there was a horn section too! I got up to play tambourine ad sing bvs on a couple of songs … which made me very happy. Then it was time …

OK so here’s the full set list -I don’t know yet whether I have footage for every song  … I’m awaiting someone else’s iPad video from the audience to know for sure … but I have some GoPro taken from the side of the stage which will have to suffice for this week. I promise a few more songs from the event for next week – iPad willing 🙂 x

So here’s the set: 

Gear Jyn Ayr in Manx Gaelic – trad song accapella

Band from here on out:

Golden Years – Bowie VIDEO HERE!

Morning Light – CCM

Going Back – Goffin/King

Skin and Bones – Collister/Slamer

Say You Don’t Mind – Denny Laine

Love Me Like A Man – Chris Smither

We Spoke Today – CCM

River Deep Mountain High – Spectre

She’s Leaving Home – Lennon/McCartney

Dancing Queen – Abba

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be on stage with such delightful and talented musicians! It’s a rare treat and huge privilege for me. Thanks guys you totally ROCK!

Thanks as ever for stopping by. See y’all next week!

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx aka the blue fairy! xx 🙂 x

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