Blogpost No8 – no need to wait!

Blogpost No8 – no need to wait!

Hello dear reader!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week. I’ve been busy preparing for a number of social and charitable events coming up this weekend. But let’s backtrack a little to last Wednesday afternoon when I had the first rehearsal for this weekend’s Charity concert in aid of Autism Think Tank with Rob Laufer (guita) and David Jenkins (bass). We’re headlining the final concert in a series of Sunday afternoon gatherings at Paul Rock’s delightful backyard “Amphitheatre” in Eagle Rock Los Angeles. We honed the songs on our wish list down to a succinct nine titles – three of my own and six choice covers – two of which I’ve never done before – gulp! Of the other four songs one’s a staple accapella but two of them I’ve only done  once before … confused? You will be! Anyway I felt a whole lot better for spending quality time with Rob and David who are not only exemplary musicians but delightful human beings I’m very glad to call friends. I will keep you guessing until the concert is over and done before I reveal the actual set list but just to get you thinking, there’ll be a David Bowie track; one from Tina Turner’s catalogue of UK hits; a Carole King classic; one from Denny Laine and finally, of course, a Beatle’s tune … I know, I know I’m a tease!

Another highlight from last week was meeting a fabulous musician in the form of William Goldstein – what a stunning composer and gifted musician he is! I had the privilege of having an Instant Composition” created for me half an hour after we met. He asked only that I chose three notes on his gorgeous Yamaha baby grand and from there he spontaneously played, expanded, created out of nowhere, the most beautiful, passionate and heart touching music! I was deeply moved by the eight minute piece that poured out of him after I played my – fairly random – three notes. If you ever get the chance to see him perform – grab it!

Over the last 4 years or so I’ve been working with an amazing man, Eric Maisel who calls himself, among many other things, a Creativity Coach. His work has had a profound influence on my creative efforts. With a catalogue of over 45 books to his name he definitely walks his talk! He has a new book just out entitled: Life Purpose Boot Camp which is getting rave reviews. My copy arrived last week and I’ve been enjoying the challenges set out in the first chapter. I highly recommend his work and especially this book. If you’re feeling in any way stuck or thinking that life could be more meaningful if only you knew how to make it so, then this book shows you a very clear and insightful pathway to explore, refine and define what’s actually meaningful to you. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on as the weeks roll by but I’m really excited by the empowering process Eric sets out in his book.

Before I wind this particular Blogpost up, I just wanted to add a little bit about yesterday – Wednesday Oct 22nd – as I had the second rehearsal for the Autism Think Tank gig this coming Sunday. This time we had the additional delight of: drums – Rusty Squeeze – and keys – Jordan Summers … wow! What a difference they make. It’s a very rare treat for me to have a band! Here’s a little fly-on-the-wall video of one of the songs I teased you about at the beginning of this post 🙂 VIDEO HERE!

I’ll leave you with this week’s video/song and hope to come back next week with an armful of musical adventures to share and of course it’s the run up to HALLOWEEN; I’m gathering footage of the ridiculous yet scary decorations everywhere we go in our friend Marianne’s  neighbourhood. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for skeletons, ghosts, ghouls and monsters! Who knew? So here’s this week’s video/song – a strange mix of scenes of the Isle of Man taken on the GoPro the week before we left for LA and one of my songs from Into The Light (the title for which comes from a line in this song) “Act of Kindness“.

HERE’s THE VIDEO … hope you enjoy 🙂

Thanks as always for dropping by and hope to see you again next week 🙂

Have fun till then!

Much love

Christine xx 🙂 xx

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