Blogpost 7 – seventh Heaven?

Weekly Blogpost No7 … seventh heaven?

This weeks’ blogpost comes to you from Los Angeles! I totally love travelling. Once you’re on the plane there’s nowhere else to be; no one to meet; nothing to do … just a few security checks to negotiate beforehand. I honestly don’t mind the hassle. I’m going on a journey to a new and exciting place and I’ll be seeing more friends and relations along the way – what’s not to like? I know, I know … there are plenty of “reasons” to get caught up in the negative side of travelling (well anything really!) but I’ve learned to feed the positive in most situations and since applying that attitude to flying in particular, I’ve had a much more enjoyable time of it. I love the Dan Millman phrase: “Be unreasonably happy!” and I add to that: instead of “reasonably”miserable.

Bob and I flew to London last Thursday and onto LAX Friday morning. The flight time is 11 hours … enough time to watch 6 episodes of: Episodes – yes! How to Train Your Dragon II hurrah! And even Noah – why not? I actually enjoyed it but it was far too long –  I wasn’t going anywhere right? Passport control was a breeze – for all my positive attitude it never fails to put a frisson of fear into my heart when we step up to the often humourless officers for official approval … this time we got a smile!

We’re staying with our great friend Marianne who recently moved to a beautiful house in Valley Village/North Hollywood. She’s having renovations done including a brand new kitchen and it’s almost done. It’s exciting to be around while everything’s being transformed. We’re incredibly lucky to have this amazing space to be in for the next 6 weeks. I’ll reveal all that is delightful about her home as we go along but for now I’ll just say … there are hummingbirds in the back yard!

On Saturday morning Marianne invited us to Stone Mart, the warehouse where she’s buying the material for her kitchen tops.“OK” – we chimed, while secretly thinking … really? Kitchen tops? Well – it was an absolutely fantastic experience! Not just any old formica tops but beautiful works of art from mother nature; made of marble, onyx, amethyst, quartz crystal, and agates of every colour and hue. We were shown into the private collection area first of all, where I kid-you-not I could happily live (check out the pics on the website) I especially LOVED the quartz crystal bath tub lit from within! We were then let loose in the main warehouse where we were allowed to take photos. I took a little iPhone footage which I used for this week’s musical feature:  “Confusion” is one of the Art inspired songs I wrote a couple of years ago that I haven’t yet found an outlet for- perhaps this will be the only time it gets an airing? It was inspired by a fabulous piece by local Manx artist Steve griffith.

Fabulous piece of art by local Manx artist Steve Griffith
Fabulous piece of art by local Manx artist Steve Griffith


We’ve had little or no jet-lag to speak of this trip … for which I am very grateful! It meant that our invitation on Sunday night to the launch of a new online music synch company: “Hollywood Elite Music”, created by our lovely friend Hélène Muddiman, was a joy! She invited me to sing a song as part of the long list of great composers and songwriters who formed a major portion of the multi-layered celebrations. I sang “We Spoke Today” which went down incredibly well. There may be footage somewhere but I’ve yet to find it … it may turn up before too long. I particularly loved the aerial acrobatics over the swimming pool … Hollywood huh?

Last night we met up with our gorgeous friends Val Garay and Nicole Dunn who live on Topanga Canyon. We had a fun dinner on the patio of the Canyon Bistro where Randy Strom was playing his Warr Guitar and sounding fabulous! At some point during a really interesting conversation during a short break between tunes, I mentioned I was a singer so he invited me to sing something with him! Now normally I wouldn’t take that opportunity for fear of making a fool of myself but he was such a wonderful musician and a generally all round great guy that I heard myself say … “Sure why not?” Gulp! Bob managed to capture a fairly funky version of “Summertime” on the old iPhone – we love our daft  and still fairly new (to us!) technology 🙂


OK I think that’s plenty for one week! Thanks as always for dropping by … I really do appreciate it. See you next week …

Love, light, peace and joy!

Christine xx

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