Blogpost No6! Nothing to fix …

Weekly Blogpost No6 – nothing to fix!

Well my gorgeous reader – yes you! – the island has given us some fabulous weather since arriving back last Tuesday evening. Startling sunshine on occasion, horizontal rain on others and storm-tossed everything in-between! Never a dull moment it’s fair to say.

I’ve had a brilliantly social if full-of-a-cold sort of week. I’ve been driving the length and breadth of the Island in order to have coffee, lunch and/or dinner with some very dear friends whom I will miss immensely when we leave for foreign shores (tomorrow – eek!). It’s at this point I praise the advances of modern technology and bow down to the amazzieness that is video calling in the form of Skype or FaceTime not to mention emailing which hands down beats carrier pigeon every time! Truly they are marvellous inventions that make the globe trotting of a certain-aged woman even more enjoyable, exciting and adventuresome. I get to keep my friendships (essential at any age) connected and vibrant wherever I am. This is no small feat and something I’m deeply grateful for.

I’ve successfully nursed a sneezy head cold all week but am now feeling much better – thanks for asking! Hot water, lemon juice, cinnamon and honey with fresh slices of ginger have done wonders … alongside the odd lemsip and a handful (not at the same time!) of paracetamol … I keep all options open. I’m feeling less fogbound and almost ready for the off; there’s just the small matter of packing to attend to.

Not much else to report really. No creative juiciness was achieved though conversations with wonderful musicians across the pond were had. My lovely and very talented friends of  Wild Honey Events, who have offered their many talents to support me – in a musical sense – for the Autism Think Tank charity raiser on October 26th, are now armed with a list of songs to shine brightly on. I am super excited about this event and the chance to perform with a full band! Hurrah. Tickets for the Sunday afternoon (3pm-6pm) concert can be bought by using these simple instructions: 

To RSVP Just paypal $21 to
Include $10 extra per person for food and a beverage.

Hope to see you there!

Apart from that here’s this week’s song, this time from Under Construction I (available for download via Band Camp HERE!)- a mostly live recording of original songs and demoed covers from 2009 or thereabouts. The song I’ve chosen to feature this week is “The Big Screen” written with myself, songstress extraordinaire Pam Sheyne and her good friend Rune Westberg ; I’ve added some visual GoPro images taken while in the UK last week; mostly Newarktown centre (Notts not NJ!) and some of the glorious grounds and gardens at Stoke Hall East Stoke.


Keeping with the short and sweet nature of this freshly arrived at Blogging output, I shall leave you to your full and delightful lives and trust that next time we meet you will all be fit, healthy, full of vitality, wit and wisdom … I am off in search of such myself!

Thanks as ever for dropping by and see you next week when I will be mostly Blogging from the city of Angels! OK gotta pack! xx

Much love

Christine xxx

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