Glad to be alive … it’s Blog No 5!

Glad to be alive … it’s Blog No5!

It’s been a great week for catching up with old friends. Last Wednesday I went to see my dear friend Helen Watson in her magical home in Burnham-On-Crouch, on the Thames estuary. Helen is one of the most wonderful people I know on the planet! It’s been an age since we had time to catch up so we had a lot to talk about. She and her lovely partner Clea treated me to a home made lunch, using veg from their allotment (more about that coming up …) and then we wandered around in the unexpected autumnal sunshine laughing and chatting all the while. There’s always so much to admire in their company for instance … we met a Harris Falcon called Alice; sat on a lovely old wooden yacht in Clea’s care; watched the clouds scud across an otherwise perfectly blue sky and … spent time at the allotment. Everything was an absolute delight. I was sad to leave but happier for the little but perfect time we were able to enjoy together. If you EVER get the opportunity to see Helen perform … GRAB it with both hands! She is simply wonderful!

Here is a little video reminder of the day – enjoy! VIDEO HERE.

On Thursday Bob and I were invited to stay with friends we first met in LA a couple of years ago: Nicola and Craig. They now live in a fabulous terraced house in Chelsea. We hadn’t seen them for a year or more and it was a real treat to spend time in their hilarious company. Their lovely home is about to be turned upside down by a whole new renovation which will take 6 months to complete! I’d like to see the results … let’s hope they ask us back! And on our way round to see them we had a short but lovely catch up with Jesse Thompson – life’s just full of surprises nest pas? Always good to know someone we care about is doing great.

Ok so onto Friday and all manner of connections crossing decades of time began to coalesce. First of all I met Angela Hryniuk at Notting Hill Gate where she’s staying for the next 6 weeks while she does presentations for her fabulous: “Enlightenment and Money” workshop she’ll be taking in a months’ time near Oxford. She and I have known one another almost 30 years! We met in Vancouver in 1985. She now lives in Brisbane with her lovely husband Steve Seaton (who runs the Winter Break workshops I was teaching at in June – yes I know but it’s in Australia!) and is taking this courageous leap forward with her business to make the UK part of her fast-growing global enterprise. What she’s created is incredibly powerful and helping many people grow and prosper.

So … she and I both wanted to see a mutual friend from all those years ago when we first met, who had simply fallen off our radar: John Martin – we used to call him John “Lovely” Martin to differentiate him from the more famous singer songwriter of the same name. John has done many amazing things in his lush life plus he used to manage Gregson and Collister – so I’ve known him 30 years! It’s 20 years since Angela last saw him and 13 since he and I last met. So we tracked him down using Facebook (of course!) and arranged to see him Friday afternoon and hopefully on into the evening when Bob could join us for dinner. The instance we all clapped eyes on one another the years just melted away … all smiles and shaking heads for the amount of time we’d not been in touch and the ease with which we all just picked up where we left off, as if those years simply didn’t exist between us. Thank goodness for friendships like these – right? Bob and John got on like old friends too even though they met for the first time that night. Needless to say it was a wonderful evening and we’re all geared up to keep a better handle on our multi-levelled connections from now on. John attended Angela’s second presentation on Monday night and was blown away. Yay for great friends doing and appreciating great work!

Stoke Hall
Stoke Hall – East Stoke
400 year old Sweet chestnut – Stoke Hall

Bob and I took the train to Newark on Saturday afternoon to spend the weekend with Diane and Bryan Ansell – our great friends who own and run Wargames Foundry which recently moved to the courtyard round the back of their stunning home in East Stoke: Stoke Hall. For a wonderful 18 month period (8 years ago now) we called the courtyard our home and it is without doubt the best place I’ve ever had the privilege to live!

Shh don't tell but I know where the secret gardens are!
Shh don’t tell but I know where the secret gardens are!

I was intrigued to see how the transformation from dwelling, to shop and business was going, so I took my GoPro for a walk to see. Given the nature of toy soldiers and all that, it was a while before I could figure out an appropriate song to accompany the footage. I settled on “Just Listen” from Feminine Logic with it’s strange mix of military drums, bagpipes and words of stillness and Angels … it works for me! See what you think: VIDEO HERE.

Bob and I got the Liverpool crossing back to the Isle of Man last night. It’s always good to get home – wherever that happens to be this week.

Well that’s a whole heap of good stuff for now. See you in seven days time when we’ll be getting very close to travelling around the globe again – it will be our third circumnavigation this year!

Thanks as always for stopping by – it matters 🙂

See you next week.

Much love

Christine x

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