Weekly Blog No4 … what there’s more?

Weekly Blog No 4 – what … there’s more?

I know, I know … it’s the Blog that just keeps giving! I didn’t appreciate just how much happens in a week till I started to share it with you dear reader. Bless you for your kind, forgiving eyes and ears.

Since last week’s mysteries and mushroom smorgasbord there has been even more delight. On Thursday night there was a gathering of friends to celebrate a new beautiful new home on the west coast of the Island for some and the beginning of a new working life for another. All big challenges that are are turning in miraculous and beautiful ways.

Friday was a BIG day. It was the much anticipated concert in celebration of our gorgeous friend Katherine Crowe. Many of Kath’s friends took part … everyone nervous to get it right for her and tentative beforehand despite the massive effort many of them had put in over the months and weeks of preparation necessary to make something like this come together. And come together it did. It was a spectacular event filled with moments of sheer brilliance! Louise Earner and Matt Creer would have made Kath so very proud … they both grew in confidence because of her huge encouragement and they have made beautiful leaps forward performing with great dignity and steadiness. Their performances together and solo were truly delightful.

There were many stellar performances – Jo Callister never ceases to fill me up with excited giddy joy whenever she sings … she is SUPERB! And my dear, dear friend Christy DeHaven brought me to tears with her incredible sweet, honest, vulnerability – a highlight for me. And Tina Fisher was a revelation as she stood proudly pregnant (only 7 weeks left!) and sang her socks off! As for Andy … I don’t know what to say. His audacity, vibrant energy and honest willingness to perform songs with unwavering commitment and poignancy … simply amazing. And then there was Becky – Kath and Andy’s 11 year old daughter … wow! Steady as a rock; sweet and clear as a bell … just like her mum. I did my part with the delightful musicianship of James Hannah on electric guitar and felt connected to a different level of existence altogether. She was there. She was pleased. She showered us with love and thanks as we showed our love, respect and sadness too. Life is so unfair. Life is so wonderful too. Vannin Photos captured the event brilliantly HERE. And here’s a snippet of my performance with James courtesy of Christy D: HERE!

On Saturday I took time to savour the delights of the Isle of Man Food Festival at the Villa Marina gardens and then on to Spill The Beans for a sweet taste of courgette cake (delicious actually!) and to say au revoir to my lovely friends Jill and Christy – women I know, love and admire greatly. I am blessed!

Sunday morning Bob and I took the Heysham Ferry across to the mainland for a ten day jaunt, catching up with family first, in York. Bob’s brother Mick had an operation a week ago and we wanted to see for ourselves his miraculous recovery. It’s all true – he’s doing great! Hurrah.

We’re now in London for four days with a whole host of great people to see. This evening I met with my gorgeous and talented friend of 25 years and more – Barb Jungr. She has the most beautiful album out – Hard Rain – well worth your time you … can buy a copy HERE!

Tomorrow I catch a train to Burnham-On-Crouch to see my great pal Helen Watson … I’m quite giddy with excitement!

This week’s musical moment is a song I wrote with Mike Slamer … 2 years ago? It’s never been out in public before … please be gentle with it. I’ve cobbled a video to accompany the track which is entitled: Edge of The World – you can watch it HERE!

Till next week my lovely reader! Thank you as always …

Much love

Christine xx

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