Weekly Blog No 3

Weekly Blog No3 – Now let me see …

Can you believe the weeks whizz by so quickly? It’s been a fascinating week for sure. For starters there was my weird sighting on Thursday morning (September 11th) en route to an appointment at the eye clinic at Noble’s Hospital. There is nothing wrong with my eyes – thankfully! It was a follow up appointment to one I’d had 18 months previously where an anomaly in my eye balls (tmi?) was picked up by an optician two years before that. Talk about long winded!

Anyway there I was driving along the back road from Crosby towards the hospital (any Manxies will know where I mean) – in an easterly direction basically. I was looking at the sun through a hazy mist (I glanced – my eyes were basically on the road!) but I was musing how like the moon it looked when shrouded in mist. The perfection of it’s circular form was clearly visible without blinding my perfectly good eyes (yes I know I’m STRESSING a point!).

So I’m innocently driving along, the sun is now on my right and with another quick glance I notice a vertical, straight black line appear on the right hand side of the sun! This was closely followed by a second, equally straight, vertical black line in parallel with the first. I couldn’t believe my (perfectly good) eyes! The two lines continued to traverse the disc of the sun. It was the oddest sight! I quickly decided to pull over (safely – no traffic on that back road at 9.10am) and grabbed my camera (a panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50 – apparently) and just managed to focus – through the screen for speed’s sake – and captured two shots. Each photo took maybe 2 seconds to click and re-click? I honestly have no idea what I witnessed but appreciated all the possibilities offered by various replies to my Face Book post later that day. While evidence – such as it is – points to a form of contrail – a steam-like cloud caused by planes generally – none of the other photographic images I’ve looked at are quite like mine i.e: so precise, vertical and contained within the sun’s orb. Plus the speed with which they moved belies such an explanation – to my totally non-scientific mind anyway. You know dear reader how this little Blogger loves her fairies and unicorns so you’ll not be surprised by my scepticism – I do thoroughly appreciate the irony of that statement!

OK so this is pic No1 - two stripes clearly visible.
OK so this is pic No1 – two stripes clearly visible.
One stripe moving out of view ... but where did it go?
One stripe moving out of view … but where did it go?

All other events this week should pale into insignificance right? Not so much actually 🙂 On Wednesday night The Isle OF Man Film Festival began! Our dear friends Christy DeHaven and Dave Armstrong of Running Media and DAM Productions are the originators of this exciting and wholly fabulous event though they are always praising the myriad of volunteers and team members who do a great deal to make it all run smoothly and successfully!

The three events Bob and I were able to attend were the opening night at the Gaiety Theatre: Featuring Davy Knowles music documentary in conjunction with The Island Of Culture. The film’s title is taken from one of Davy’s newer songs: Island Bound and attempts to track celtic music’s journey from here in the british Isles to the Americas and beyond. It’s beautifully shot and edited by Dave and Christy and promises to be a wonderful piece of work for both them, Davy and the Island of Culture.

The second event for us took place at the broadway Cinema (we’re still on the Isle of Man for those of you who thought we’d just tumbled down a worm hole and found ourselves deep in the heart of New York City!). We were treated to a showing of the fabulous film “Belle” 50% of which was filmed here on the Isle of Man. The film itself is stunning. Beautiful, heartwarming, insightful deeply moving. What more could we ask? Well turns out having the film’s director Amma Asante be interviewed by Mark Kermode (the Observer’s chief Film critic according to the official film festival blurb) makes for an even more wonderful experience! She was warm, enthusiastic, humble, honest and  surprisingly open about the creative process and so much more. We look forward to the Oscar nominations this year 🙂 xxx

So our final delightful experience of the festival came on Saturday evening when mum and dad treated Bob and I to a Box at the Gaiety – all the better to enjoy: “An Evening with Mark Kermode” followed by an extraordinary experience of watching a 1927 silent movie “Beggars of Life” accompanied by Mark’s stellar band “The Dodge Brothers” playing live as the film was shown. Not only were we thoroughly entertained by Mark’s fast paced and very funny presentation of why film critics don’t really effect the life of a film – as such – along with many bright, eye opening anecdotes in the first half but the palpable difference live music made to the visual experience and story telling on screen was truly exciting and totally enhanced by the band’s musicianship and sheer energetic presence. FYI – we sat in the front row of the circle eschewing pomp and ceremony of the Box (not to mention the cramped conditions!) for better sight lines and comfort. Just sayin’

We loved, loved, LOVED the Isle of Man Film Festival and couldn’t be more proud of our creative, clever pals – Christy DeHaven and Dave Armstrong … and their magic team … and of course the volunteers!

Before I leave you I thought I’d share a few pics taken today on my iPhone – who knew? My lovely friend Jill and I went for a walk in the hills this afternoon and stumbled upon an amazing plethora of mushrooms and toadstools … what a fabulous find!

Ooh a red one! IMG_0132

I try and include at least one musical escapade and this week it’s an unfinished song – yay! This was a collaboration between myself and Christy and Dave – already mentioned in their rolls as Film Festival organisers extraordinaire – this was to replace a well known song they had used in their fabulous documentary “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice”. We worked from opposite sides of the earth – they were here on the Island and I was in San Francisco … ain’t modern technology amazzey? We were really getting somewhere with the song when the original song (did I mention it’s a well known song?) became available and so … our little unfinished track lay unused … until now! It’s a simple little thing set to photos taken recently of the full moon, my famous stripy sun and a sunset out here in Kirk Michael last week. I’ll use whatever’s to hand to keep you amused dear reader 🙂 You’ll find the VIDEO HERE.

I think that’s more than enough for this week. What a week it was! I will just mention I had a rehearsal last night for our gorgeous Kath Crowe’s celebration show this Friday at The Gaiety Theatre – it’s going to be WONDERFUL! Tickets available HERE!

See y’all next week!

Thanks as always for dropping by.

Much love

Christine xx

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