Weekly Blog – No2!

Weekly Blog No2 – Who knew?

Can you believe it? I’m actually keeping to my word and doing a weekly Blog! Who knew this was even possible? I know, I know … millions of people. Better late than never.

Let me catch you up with the delicious scrumminess of the last 7 days. I posted the new flashy streamlined Blog No1 on Wednesday September 3rd and that very evening Bob and I were invited out on a very dear (I was going to say “old” but I don’t want to rub salt in the wound!) friend’s birthday dinner at the Hawthorn restaurant mid-way between Douglas and Peel. My friend – Claire Ormerod nee Wade – has been in my life since we were both 11 years old. I know … that’s a long time right? It never ceases to amuse me that she’s a full three months older than me 🙂 Needless to say it was a fun-filled, delightful night. There’s even a photo to prove it. 

Wobbly Bob!
Bob and I love Phillbey’s – a delightful and delicious eatery in Peel. During the Grand Prix they housed this bike inside the restaurant – couldn’t resist taking a photo given the name involved!
Three happy ROCKIN' women!
Three happy ROCKIN’ women!

The following morning I got up at 4.50am … not the most fun I’ve ever had. It was my dad’s return trip to Wrightington hospital to – hopefully – get the “all clear”. After last time, where a “possible” one night stay turned into 12, we were reasonably wary of what might occur this time round. We flew from Ronaldsway at 7.10am and landed in Liverpool at 7.35am – you gotta love those short flights. The appointment was booked for 1.30pm but when we arrived at 8.35am – long wait anyone? However patients from the Isle of Man – because of the vagaries and timetable curmudgeonliness of flights – are bumped to the top of the queue regardless of official appointment times and we were in a cubicle (ooh matron!) by 9.10am and winging our way to Manchester airport (that’s a whole other story) by 10.10am. Result!

The whole trip, door-to-door lasted 9 hours at the end of which we were both knackered. Just so you know – Dr David Dickenson – dad’s surgeon, is surely due a saint hood soon. He couldn’t have been more attentive, caring, sensitive and concerned for my dad’s well being. We think he’s the bees knees!

And so onto a couple of days of relative quiet. Writing was done; chanting was recorded (almost finished btw); songs were selected for an up coming charity concert in LA – October 26th, for Autism Think Tank. I’ll be doing an hour long set with the generous and highly talented help of: Rob Laufer on Keys -; David Jenkins on Bass; Willie Aron on Guitar and David Goodstein on drums. To say I’m excited is slightly understated!! I’ll Blog more on this delightful subject as we get closer to the show but if you are in the LA area – dear reader – on October 26th then please do grab your ticket as soon as possible HERE.

The beach looked so still and graceful yesterday morning. I stopped to take a pic before heading into the hairdressers - for a new "do".
Douglas beach looked so still and graceful yesterday morning. I stopped to take a pic before heading into the hairdressers – for a new “do”.

In other news this week on Tuesday (yesterday!) it was Bob’s birthday! Yay! We love to celebrate his Bobbness at any time – we don’t even need a reason. To clarify “we” means me, mum, dad, Jo and the girls … Bob not so much. But lucky for us he lets us get away with a little cheerfulness on his behalf around this time. He is most definitely NOT a curmudgeon just not a great birthday celebrator –  to keep the record straight :-). Mum and dad generously bought – for his birthday treat – tickets for all four of us to go to the Isle of Man Film Festival’s brilliant event with Mark Kermode at the Gaiety Theatre this coming Saturday night. They didn’t just buy any old tickets though, they only went and bought four seats in a Box next to the stage! Are we excited you ask? YES, YES, YES!Bob and I are also going to the Friday night event at the Broadway Cinema (we’re still talking the Isle of Man here so don’t get too excited about plane rides and New York skylines!), a special screening of Belle with a Q&A after the showing with the director herself and Mark Kermode – hurrah for exciting things to do on the tiny Isle. Just a little mention that our great friends Christy DeHaven and Dave Armstrong from DAM productions are the instigators of this fabulous event – I know they have a host of volunteer helpers without whom … but – they take first prize for their brilliance!

On Bob’s birthday we found ourselves back at the Hawthorn Restaurant (they must be doing something right!) for another birthday dinner treat. As you can see the sticky toffee pudding didn’t last long. And though I wasn’t around to witnesses it Bob had a skype from our gorgeous girls who’d rehearsed a happy birthday routine but went camera shy as soon as Granddad appeared on screen. Apparently they made up for it by chasing each other round the kitchen table while Granddad laughed. Hurrah for grand children – especially ours!

Bob's birthday treat :-)
Sticky toffee pudding!
Didn't last long. Must have been good :-) x
Didn’t last long. Must have been good 🙂 x

That’s probably enough information for one week so I’ll gracefully bow out and leave you with another GoPro video of another walk – this time on my own – on Sunday. It was a glorious afternoon and I just LOVED being on top of the hills amongst the golden gorse and the purple heather. This time “Skin Deep” taken from Under Construction II accompanies the footage and photos. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week! Eek!

Love, light, peace and joy!

CCM 🙂 xx

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