Welcome to the new short but sweet weekly Blog from a singing Manx woman

A new weekly Blogging adventure – hold onto your hats!

Hello lovely reader … it’s been an age right? Well I’m here to tell you that this is the start of a whole new era in my Blogging life. From now-on I’ll be attempting to titivate you on a weekly basis. Yep … that’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I said weekly! Blimey but that’s a whole heap of promise to keep, however, I figure if I do a short, sharp, incisive weekly update I’m more likely to actually do it! With a little help from my trusty camera and an added bit of musical revelation alongside life’s general goodness, I’m gonna get back into the Blogging life with gusto!

So … to begin … last Tuesday evening saw my dad return from a 12 day visit to Wrightington Hospital in Wigan. It was an unplanned visit I might add but a necessary one when a complication arose after a small operation to remove a ganglion cyst occurred. I’ll spare you the details but be assured it’s great to have him home. We’re trying to fatten him up with great food and a whole lotta love!

I’ve been enjoying the fun that can be had using a GoPro gadget and getting deep into recording a 31 minute chant track. The track is really for my own meditation practice but if it turns out alright I might make it available to anyone interested … I realise that might be no one but me 🙂 Here’s a bit of my dodgy GoPro playing with “Letting Go” from feminine Logic as accompaniment.

Bob and I are planning our third trip around the planet this year – who knew? We’re looking at taking in the delightfulness that is Los Angeles moving right along to family in New Zealand then hopping over to Sydney Australia to spend with our gorgeous girls – Isabella and Chiara – not to mention Jo and Mike of course! With a possibility of visiting friends in Brisbane at some point during that part of the trip, then flying over to Perth to spend some quality time with my brother Paul and his family in Perth en route back to the joy and delightfulness of the tiny Isle … by which time it will be February! Where does the time go?

A week last Sunday Bob, mum and I walked up the hills around Kirk Michael and enjoyed a truly beautiful warm, sunny morning … I took some pics – look see:

A beautiful day for an inspiring walk
A beautiful day for an inspiring walk
Bob and mum march on bravely ahead …
I love the changing images of clouds and a bit of sunshine on the tiny Isle is always appreciated!

On Monday night I finally made an appearance at a rehearsal for the upcoming gig that promises to celebrate the delight and greatness of our dear friend Katherine Crowe. Her fight for life was an incredible inspiration to many and her Herculean presence both here on the Island and around the ethereal world via Facebook and her amazingly honest Blog, is deeply missed. This show will be an outpouring of love and gratitude for her musical talents and fabulous joie de vivre! So if you’re on the Isle of Man September 19th … see you at the Gaiety Theatre!

Keeping to me word … that’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I always appreciate your time and support.

See you next week!


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