Weekly Blog No4 … what there’s more?

Weekly Blog No 4 - what … there’s more? I know, I know … it’s the Blog that just keeps giving! I didn’t appreciate just how much happens in a week till I started to share it with you dear reader. Bless you for your kind, forgiving eyes and ears. Since last week’s mysteries and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog No 3

Weekly Blog No3 - Now let me see … Can you believe the weeks whizz by so quickly? It’s been a fascinating week for sure. For starters there was my weird sighting on Thursday morning (September 11th) en route to an appointment at the eye clinic at Noble’s Hospital. There is nothing wrong with my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog – No2!

Weekly Blog No2 - Who knew? Can you believe it? I’m actually keeping to my word and doing a weekly Blog! Who knew this was even possible? I know, I know … millions of people. Better late than never. Let me catch you up with the delicious scrumminess of the last 7 days. I posted... Continue Reading →

A new weekly Blogging adventure - hold onto your hats! Hello lovely reader … it’s been an age right? Well I’m here to tell you that this is the start of a whole new era in my Blogging life. From now-on I’ll be attempting to titivate you on a weekly basis. Yep … that’s right,... Continue Reading →

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