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I can’t believe a month has past since my last Blogpost! Eek … time never seems to slow down anymore. C’est la vie! Instead of giving a blow by blow account of the rest of the trio tour I’ll do a short summary of each show and try to add a few videos to illustrate the fun and frolics we shared … way back when 🙂

September 21st – Pete and I meandered our way to Howden in East Yorkshire – and a new venue to me The Shire Hall – a delightful gig with enthusiastic music lovers to help the night along. Plus – Bob met up with us here and stayed the rest of the tour … I was a happy girl for that reason alone – let alone the musical fun we continued to have!

September 23rd – after a delightful drive we found our way to The Verge at the Rifleman in Stalybridge – another first for me though the club and the pub’s reputation preceded it. Another great, if sparsely populated gig! And a place I’d like to play again sometime.

Here’s a glimpse of sound check and a little later …

September 24th – another lovely drive through beautiful countryside with a stop off for some nice lunch along the way – and yet another new venue for moi – this time we were performing at The Buck Hotel in Reeth, in the heart of of the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales National park! What’s not to like?

High Force FallsBob has the force!

September 25th – before this evening’s show we all, at various times, we all made our way to the spectacular natural and inspirational site of High Force Falls! The show at Langholm Arts Centre was also imbued with high force because of our visit!

September 26th – Ah Scotland! I love the promoter at the Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross – David Mundell rocks! Unfortunately the hotel staff were less then happy to see us … still a good time was had regardless!

September 27th – The Howden Centre in Livingstone is a state of the performance centre and every technical requirement we could possibly want was here … Bob and I stayed with our good friends Sue and Jim and relaxed in their splendid hospitality for two nights – hurrah for good friends!

September 28th – Musselburgh’s St Michael’s church is a fabulous venue we’d played before with the Travelling Gentlemen and it was great to be back. At the end of the gig we were shown up to the highest part of the gallery and I couldn’t resist singing a little Amazing Grace

September 30th – London! It’s hard to believe now that I lived in London for sixteen years but each time I get the chance to go back I remember and love the buzz that is the Big Smoke. The Half Moon Putney is an historic landmark gig and was probably the most fun gig of the tour … it was a high octane night!

And just to prove it here’s a video of Couldn’t Get It Right from that night!

October 1st  The Komedia in Brighton is well known to us now and always a great place to play. The boys loved it coz it’s now their home show! It’s always great to see young people in the crowd 🙂 as well as on stage 🙂

October 3rd – The lights Arts Centre in Arlington is another fabulously well equipped performance centre with equally delightful staff who made our short stay light hearted and fun. Hurrah!

Here’s a mix of daftness and musical fun from The Lights.

Here’s a video of Porg Amour from that night

October 4th – Arlington Arts Centre Newbury – a great little place in the middle of nowhere but so beautifully designed and well attended – a great gig in a lovely setting.

October 5th – Ah our final show of the tour took place in the Century Theatre and was a great way to end a fun-filled musical month with great friends and musicians! This delightful little venue was once a touring theatre! It’s now found a good stable home in the grounds of the Snibston Discovery Museum and has a wonderful history all of it’s own.

and ...Thank you!

Till soon…

Much love

Christine xxx

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