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Hello dear reader!

I started this Blog on July 10th, with my Macbook balanced precariously on my lap, the Manannin Super Sea-Cat chug-chugging along as we sped away from Douglas harbour towards Liverpool. And finished it today: Sunday July 21st! Somethings take time I suppose? This is what I wrote, way back then:

It’s a beautiful sparkly day. There have been a number of these rare, balmy, bright, beasts, recently; one after the other in a heady parade of what some call summer. Amazing! Who knew the myth and legend of such things could still be felt? I am more than happy.

So, I am en route to Rob Cross’s lovely abode in Cardiff for a few necessary days of rehearsals in preparation for the one-off gig in Norway I mentioned last week. We haven’t played together for over a year! Where does the time go? I spoke briefly to him this morning and he seems to have everything in hand. We’ll be rock’n’rollin’ in no time!

We, that is: my husband Bob and myself, have been on the Island two weeks and for the most part I’ve been in pain. Having (stupidly!) aggravated a Facet joint which in turn disturbed a sciatic nerve which in due course brought the femural nerve into play – I have been hobbling and groaning like an ancient, ailing Crone for the best part of a month! I saw a very good Osteopath in London and my “man-that-does” miraculous things here on the Island – John Williams at: http://www.balancedhealthclinic.co.uk/ in Peel – no less than three times. Each time he was able to sort me to the point of no pain and each time I was so very grateful … but then, I suppose I just carried on as if nothing was, or ever would be, wrong again and within 24 hours the pesky nerves would let me know they were not happy. ”We need more rest!” they screamed. C’est la vie? It has been a long, slow and arduous process but I am happy to report that today, for the first time in an age, I am almost back to my usual perky self. Phew!

Parish notices this post include a friday night “jam” with the immeasurably talented Davy Knowles. It is always a pleasure to see him and a thrill to be able to drop into an ad-hoc set of his choosing, to play to a deliriously happy Port-Erin crowd. The Bay Hotel was packed with family, friends and fans and every last one of us were treated to an awesome display of exciting and heart thumping music. It was a delight to sing alongside my gorgeous friend Christy DeHaven who did a stonking warm-up set of jazz standards and some fabulously quirky indie covers (with little to no notice what-so-ever!) with her newest musical venture: The Band With No Name – that is to say, they haven’t found the right title for their collective musical adventures – yet. All in good time I say. The brilliant collective on Friday (July 5th) consisted of: Lindsay Rowe – keyboards, Steve Rowe – bass, Danny Kneale – drums, Carlos Garana – guitar, Dave Armstrong – various percussion! And they ROCKED let me tell you.

When Davy K walked up to the mic and plugged in his electric guitar, the anticipation was palpable … the atmosphere crackling with a rare excitement. To say the joint was jumpin’ is an understatement of grand proportions – really! Everyone, without exception were grinning from ear-to-ear. It was a sight to behold and the sheer joy of players and audience alike seemed boundless. But don’t take my word for it, thanks to my brother Colin and that little known technical device: the iPhone, we are now able to watch this little slice of the event. I have embedded a link to vimeo where said little video is hosted but can’t figure out how to insert the icon here! Doh! I’ll cut and paste the link and hope that works just as well: A Jammin’ we will go! Phew! I hope, dear reader, watcher, listener, that you enjoyed that pure snippet of joy!

I will leave you here for now and add another excerpt from most my recent musical meanderings next week. Promise 🙂

Coming soon … a most extraordinary adventure in the life of a Manx Songstress and sometimes songwriter. Musings on: Co-hosting a five day Songwriting Workshop in the Scottish Highlands, alongside the marvellous and ridiculously talented guitarist, songwriter, singer, Folk Award winner : Steve Tilston.

Thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support! It is always, without exception, very much appreciated.

Bye for now


Christine xx

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