A first Blog by an undaunted Technophobe

Hello there! Having just been inducted into the workings of my website – today! – I thought I’d better put my newly found skills to the test. I’ve uploaded an (unrelated) image from the computer (left) and am typing away on the keys to spill some content into the huge space before me – gulp!   There are some new Parish notices worth a mention.

For instance: next Wednesday I leave the tiny Isle to rehearse with the delightful Rob Cross in Cardiff. The reason for said “rehearsals”?: a one-off gig in Norway on the night of the next full moon: Monday July 22nd. Trouble is I don’t know anyone in Norway to tell. Do you dear reader? If so perhaps you could share the joyous news? Monday July 22: at 20.00 (8pm) Frilufthuset på Orre NORWAY! Tickets: NOK 200 Tel: +47 51429860, SMS 40436248, email: fullmaane@klepp.kommune.no I’m so excited about the whole thing! Hope to see some of you there.

Directly after rehearsals I make my way (and it’s a fair schlepp!) to Inverness by train from Cardiff! I leave Cardiff Central at 7.55am on Sunday July 14th and arrive Inverness Train Station 8.08pm – that’ll be a long day then. Actually I like train journeys and this should be a delightful opportunity to snooze and in between snoozes view the glorious British countryside in all it’s verdant splendour! I will also – probably – be looking at my cpious notes on what’s to follow: A Five Day Songwriting Retreat at: www.MonicakMohor.com which, as you can see by their website’s phots, looks stunning. I’m co-hosting this amazing 5 day retreat with Steve Tilston (http://www.stevetilston.com/) a truly gifted songwriter, singer and guitar player who won the coveted BBC Folk Award last year for Best Original Song! I am truly honoured to be in his wonderful company. We’ve already come to some some delightful decisions between us through the process of pulling together this course and I’m beside myself with anticipation for what the five days will uncover for everyone there. This is the first time I’ve been invited to take part in such a creative adventure and it’s a huge privilege to be asked. Watch this space!

Immediately after the course I fly to Norway for the above mentioned full moon concert, after which I return to the Isle of Man for a short turn around before jetting off to Los Angeles; this time to be at a new friend’s wedding on Malibu Beach in August. Life, as they say, is bloody marvellous!

But for now, this is me signing off on my very first Website Blog – hurrah! Thanks for popping in to view this short flurry of whimsical words. I shall return with updates of, among other things: my musical goings on in the not-too-distant future 🙂

Thanks for your indulgence and goodbye for now.

Much love

  Christine x  


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