A spring Blog to raise the spirits

I’m rather horrified to realise how long it is since I last tread the Blogging boards – October?! Eek. My apologies to those of you who actually wait for such things to appear … my tardiness is at fault! I’m prompted to begin here again because of the latest in a long line of musical meanderings that make up my life. A fine Spring Tour that began in May but had us working a few months before that to get back in shape. Rob Cross was my musical cohort once more and this time round we gave ourselves ample time to rehearse and refine our enthusiasms, so that by the time we actually took to the road we were more than ready and hit the ground running with only a few minor adjustments necessary. We even improved along the way. There is no Flip footage of our hard work before shows were upon us you’ll just have to take my word for it.

In between bouts of hard work we had breaks where I simply played Grandma to Isabella and Chiara – my favourite thing of all! Bob and I even had a glorious week in tenerife with Jo, Mike and the girls and we LOVED it

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